giovedì 1 settembre 2011

Trip to Spain: Resume, Pt. 1

Hello guys, princi desu.
Some people waited for this, and I'll be more cruel cuz for this post I'll do a resume of the trip (not to the end, just a bit),  I'll show some images later... problably xD or problably I don't want xD let's see later... xD

Monday 22:
 I worked sunday until 10pm and I couldn't sleep, at 2.30am my friend's dad came to my house to take us in the airport... we arrived so early and we waited a lot, check in and the stuffs like this... at 6.15 the departure but there were tecnic problems xD surely someone trhow me bad luck xD but after an hour the departure... so exciting *_* we arrived at 8.30 but ana (that could take us to home) couldn't go so we arrived at 'Plaza Catalunya' at 10.00... we had the problem with the gabbages, cuz we stayed in a house but we couldn't receive the keys until 4pm... it was 10am... what should we do for 6 hours? so I called ana that was at work and she really couldn't xD (I knew but I was desperate xD) so I called nanah that couldn't help me (SURE GUYS XD reus is too much far) but she gave me noe's number and SHE SAVED US XD. I explained her the problem and she allowed us to take the baggages into her house until the house's owner would come (he couldn't come earlier cuz he was outside barcelone until the day before)... I didn't though about a thing: THE METRO! Who live in Milan know how hard is travelling with metro if it is your first time, there're 5 different lines... well, in Barcelone there are ELEVEN and I really wanted to cry XD (no I'm joking) but my friend's gabbage was a bit broken and so heavy (she took with her a lot of useless things and she complained a lot for that) I got mad XD, with the indications I found Noe nearest's stop metro (that is in front of her house XD). Lucky XD she was so kind with me, I tried to make a photo with her and with her friend that lived with her but I looked at me and... is better if I didn't anything. Well, we're disturbing very much so, after a little break in her house (and with her dogs that I really love *_*), we went to a big hall (I don't remember the name °°) well, near the forum xD was so huge, better than halls here in Milan... after some hours we came back to take our baggages at Noe's house and go to take the keys but we finished the credit and we didn't remember where exactly her house was (she lives in an appartement and there're 3 condos like her so.. XD lol XD) we went to our house (that was hard to find XD) and we got the keys, we came back to Noe's house to take the baggages and return to our home (was stressfull XD). We spent a lot of moneys for the food, cuz my friend took a lot of things that can't cook well, a lot of things that she couldn't finished in a week (and she didn't finished and I got seriosly mad) and she brought just the first thing that she see, never noticed the price but I was sure that she could cook... no... SHE CAN'T XD and I discovered in a bad way xD but after returning home we had dinner and we watched tv all the evening (surely we didn't want to go out that evening, was really a hard day °°) and at almost midnight we went to bed.

Was a really stressfull day but I really enjoyed it XD I got mad severals times but Noe and Cristina really helped us XD I was happy to meet them, when I will be back in Barcelone (dunno when) surely I'll re-meet them :)

Well, should I go on? no u_u I'm tired and I must to go, I will do the resume of every day every turn that I have XD at the end of the trip I'll post the photos XD I'm cruel I know u_u Byeeeeee.

lunedì 29 agosto 2011

Come back with a special post.

Hey guys, princi desu.
Well, I have a lot of things to say, and I know that a lot of people waited for this (so the resume of Spain's trip is postponed XD) speak about gal secret. XD
Mother, well I was happy to be in a gal secret cuz (like the other members said) I got a lot of popularity, that I wanted but not so much and not in this way... I must to speak about a lot of things, I start from the beginning:

1. First gal secret: well, if be a gal means to wear a make up (nails, lashes etc.) all the day, buy at online stores like Liz Lisa or other brands and make a lot of photos all the day like if I live with a photocamera... if THIS is be a gal so I'm not a gal. Differently from other italian gal (no one will leave me the idea that who wrote the secret is italian and ALL the comments were written by italian gals) I HAVE A SOCIAL LIFE, I study and I work f*****g god, if you have the time for do a great photos (that aren't so great) cuz you don't do anything and you never hang out friends (except meeting and things like comicoventetions) it isn't my fault. We all have a life and we don't spend our money that we work (instead of someone that act like a prostitute or after bashing their parents on internet ask them money) for stupid things. That's all. No, not all, are we left italian gal community? yeah? so... why are we still the most gal-sa spoken in Italy? .-. If you don't speak about us is better for us .-.

2. Second gal secret: I put that in January, my hairdresser said me that problably won't go on more than June, but it's August and this extension (that surely are extension, my ethnicity is black STUPID °_° surely I have curly hair °_°) are still on my head, I'll change it in September (like every year) before school, cuz I do it every year, not for this secret XD.

3. For the comments in gal secrets, forum, facebook etc.: gosh °° I was so shocked, am I so famous? No one remember that our gal-sa is OUT of the italian community? so why italians gals bashing-us? or better bashing me... cuz... create a topic not for gal secret but for ME, create a lot of discussions for ME... why? are you guys stupid or what? °° didn't you realize that everyone understood that your comments are made from old issues and fights? and gyaru hasn't nothing to do with this? have I never wrote (or even thinking) a gal secret for you? no, cuz, seriously, I don't care, why are you so OBSESSED with me? Well people, I must to say something that someone didn't understand about italian gal community: a lot of "friends" seems nice and all each other but they bashing each other, why? for envious, a lot of girls really don't care about gyaru, they're just "OTAKU", but the popularity make people envious and rude, so mean. Is 'trendy' in Italy for nerds or for who follow japanese culture say to be ugly, to be loser, to be fat, to be a lot of negative things... I HATE this kind of things and if someone say if I think that I'm ugly I answer NO, also other gal-sa members, no one think about this and this is the reason why some people hate us, they translate it in too much security, are we saying that we're the best? no, we enjoy every day together, what's the problem with this? can we do something witouth being bashing (cuz SURELY WE NEVER WON'T REPLY WITH GAL SECRET OR SOMETHING LIKE THIS)? can I say something and never worry about it? if you hate us, or better hate me, DON'T FOLLOW ME, I was tired about the community and I said that the gal-sa left the community, we're followed more than before by you that really hate us °_° I really don't understand, what is so much interesting about my life? °_° which part?

For the seriously rude comments: no words, I'm used to be fat since primary school and I had a lot of issues cuz of this (serious problems that I don't wanna explain better) and I was really unsure about me, now is too late, sorry xD if you found funny make fun about my weight (or about my ethnicity)... well, this are things that made me proud, I'm trying to lose weight only because I wanna be 'normal' but seriously not skinny and not for becoming a better gal, I'm proud of my race and please... shut up, cuz I know a lot of yours secrets that I NEVER won't reveal, very private and I don't wanna play at your play so shut up, don't forget that when I say you: say these things face to face you all say: I don't wanna lose a day for say this, I don't wanna speak with you, I don't wanna lose time, (but your life on internet bashing me yeah .-.)... well, ridiculous. get a life babies

For SOME ex peach members: some cuz others didn't do anything bad, well... to every ex peach member I always tried to be friend and when EVERY gal left the gal-sa I always didn't speak badly, I always said to support the members with or without us so... we are ALL sure that if the only way to speak with us is to our back we're happy to be without you guys, don't contact me anymore for some fucking news, read here, don't try to have news about me, aren't we anymore friends? well, stop it.

BUT DON'T BE SAD PEOPLE, cuz in this week we passed a lot of happy times, I was in Spain and I learnt a lot of things from Spanish gals, someone said that we aren't so united like we seems... now we're more united than never, and we go on, we always try to be an ive gal-sa around europe with events and have fun with a lot of people (also from other countries) and we're having it, Rika and Yuuki (that were Leader and Sub-Leader in my absence) did a really great job, they're more involved, they cheered me up, we have a great spirit since last week, problably gal secrets helped us XD for this thanks losers ^w^ Well, I must to go (to enjoy a life *coff coff*) bye followers who love us xD we don't give up (and surely if there will be other secret we won't respond, we lost too much time, we won't reply and the most important thing is the gal-sa). I said it in a song that I've created, surely we aren't the best gals in the world but our spirit... FUCK is great XD I would be sad if I was alone, but my gal-sa cheered me up a lot... well, bye people, I had some news to announce you... I won't do it XD Next Time XD. BYEEEEEEEEEEE.

venerdì 26 agosto 2011

Peach Love Meet and Gyaru Secret

Hello everyone who writes to you guys now is your Yuuki :)
So in this post I will speak of the various plans we meet :)

Meetings in September:
Sunday, September 4th will be the first meet between Milan-Turin-Bologna and also new members of the Peach Love.
Saturday, September 10 there will be an afternoon of shopping in Bologna (what beautiful things ihihi XD cmq return to the main topic)
Sunday 18 Then we will meet the second between Mantua and Reggio Emilia-Alexandria
And finally there will be the last meeting in September that 24 Saturday evening where we all together in Milan.

Meetings in October:
Saturday, October 1st where we will have a picnic together in Turin that will meet the first of the month
Sunday, October 9th where we will be the third meet in Milan-Turin-Bologna
Saturday, October 15 troveremno us all to Milan to prep and prepare all things together that are used for the parade
Then Sunday, October 23 there will be an account of the parade but each in their own region
And finally Sunday, October 30th we will finally Gyaru Parade in Lucca with many other beautiful girls who know style Gyaru

Here I meet with the boys finished :)
Now show you step by some of my latest photos :)

What do you think I have clothing in this photo, dear readers? ^ ^
A I would appreciate your opinion :)
In the next post I'll show you my latest purchases :)
As last thing I will tell you something about the Secret Gyaru I can tell you that we will try to improve ourselves and improve some things ^ ^
Well this is all for today to the next update, dear readers :) I wish you a good day :)

Kisses and Hugs

giovedì 25 agosto 2011


Hi guys, I'm Jè =) I'm back from Rimini 6 days ago and I'm so sad now as I really enjoyed myself!!

I spent this holiday with Valentina, another member of the group!! Rimini is a nice city, full of shops, discos and other locals.

I saw a lot of shops and I did shopping. I went to the beach and , during the night, I went to discos or pubs!! I had so much fun and I hope to return soon in this city!! =)

Now I show you some photos about my summer holidays!! =)

 In September I'll see with the other girls of the group!! I'm really happy!! =)
About the story of Gyaru secret I think that it's a good way to publicize our group!!
We'll try to improve our style =)

Bye and kisses ;D

mercoledì 24 agosto 2011

Winter Trend 1/6 : Snake

Hi! I'm Oshi (Norma) and from today I'll show you six trends for this incoming winter..
So take notes and open your wardrobe, maybe you already have some pieces!
And if not.... here you have a good reason to go shopping! :)

Well, let's start with Snake!

It will be the hit of the season's most eccentric. 
True, printed, smooth or scaly, provided colorful. Even with rainbow effect! 
The python is great for clothing, hats and accessories...perhaps without exaggerating, the total look is not recommended ... unless you want to look like a real snake!

Here some suggestions...

Pimkie - 12.99 euro
Even it's not colorful, it can be a great basic start!
 Stradivarius - 49,95 euro
Wow! Those heel are just amazing! 
 Stradivarius - 19,95 euro

What do you think? Do you like this trend? 
Let your opinion! We're interested in!  


OT: last week our gyaru-sa was posted on gyaru_secrets and of course not in a good way...
I've already expressed what I think in my blog, but here I just want to underline that we don't care about hate opinions! We have fun, we love and support each other and we're wonderful girls who want to improve our style, so we'll be keep on our way! :) The mother of the haters is always pregnant! 

Again, Kisses!! <3 

martedì 23 agosto 2011

My Summer Holidays

Hello guys!I'm Valentina! I' m back from my holiday in Rimini 4 days ago. 

I passed this holiday with Jessica, another member of the Peach Love. 

 I did a lot of things... During the day I went to the beach or I did shopping while during the night I went in pubs discos and stuff like that!
I' m so bored now 'cause the city in this period is empty and 4 this reason I' m waiting the arrival of September. I passed a good month!

 I want to show u some photos that we made during this holiday.

I' m very happy about  next meetings we will have during this months. Now we are thinking about other projects!

About the story of our gyaru secret I don't have any words left! I think that is not a true thing but in the meantime we can consider this as a lucky thing 'cause is only publicity 4 us!!

Bye bye

Xoxo ;D


lunedì 22 agosto 2011

London & Gyaru Secret

Hi Gals! **
Here's Hikari and I have some news for you!

First of all, I'm sorry. I didn't post for a long time, but my work is killing me. Seven days per week, from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm. I really love my job, but.. .__. I'm exahusted.

But holidays are near! ** The hair salon where I work will expand in September, so I don't know if I can have some days off during that period. If I can't, my trip to London is going to be postponed to November. October isn't a good time, we have some stupid chestnut festivals. .__.
I'm also planning to spend 2 days in York, the first place I visited in England, 2 years ago.
I'll contact a lot of English Gyarus  as soon as I know when I can leave. **

What else?
I started a new blog. Please visit it clicking on the photo of me on the left of these page.
I want to post there every little improvement I can do.
I'm not very confident, but I can say I improved a bit.
This is my first photo after joining the Gal-sa. .__.

And this is my most recent photo :

AND. Talking about improvement. We finally have our first Gyaru Secret! **
God, I'm so proud of us. °^°
And I'm so happy of all the visits that the secrets brought to our blog **
Publicity publicity pub-bli-ci-ty P.U.B.L.I.C.I.T.Y! **
Ok. I stop it.
Secrets... serious buisness. u.u
The secret says "a Gyaru-sa without any Gyaru in it"
My personal opinion (copied and pasted from g_s):
We started a Gal Circle just we have to try harder and improve. We are not "gyaru" but we are helping each other and we are motivated by having a Gal-sa. I don't understand what's wrong with it.
I don't go around screaming "I'm Gyaru! Look at me and my gorgeous style! OMG! I'm so beautiful!" but I'm sure that if we go on like this our style can become way better. Just look at our firsts photos. I think I'm improving, and I think Princi is improving too. 

in short: We are having FUN and we simply don't care about your opinion. Enjoy the style you love and have fun too, please. You might like it.

venerdì 19 agosto 2011


Hello, princi desu XD
I'm so sad to leave Italy, my gal-sa alone (still this topic? yeah è_é) but I wanna make a special post for my members (dunno if I'll post the second part of yonchies improvements tomorrow or after the trip in Spain) cuz I love them. Ah yeah, and for the followers I will say what they're doin' in this period (explanation cuz they aren't posting anymore).

In this period speaking with saki and eri (2 girls that helped me with a site named Gyaru News Italia that now is on hiatus) they follow the gyaru-sa since the beginning and given us an 'Ichiban'. What does it mean Ichiban? Means 'the most'. The most of what? They said me what they think about every member and I write my opinion (and they agreeded)

I wanna give her the title of 'Ichiban Kawaii' (most cute) of the group: why? SO, are you looked at her? She's really cute (bambi eyes so cute XD), but also her behaviour, her character... you can feel the sensation as a senpai, she's still 17 and she's the youngest among us, you don't feel the sensation that she is too young for us, you feel the sensation that she's the youngest and fits well among us for her act... like in a cutie way, MAN I LOVE HER XD, she's so nice and she could be so mature but looking at her face... she's gained her title. Problably you think that she's like a child (for us) but we don't see so many years of difference cuz she can be very mature (but don't look her in her eyes *hypnotize* XD).

She's in Turkey right now and she's doing an huge improvement, I'm so proud of her (don't look her eyes *hypnotize* XDDDD) keep goin' in this way.

I wanna give her the title of 'Ichiban Hazukashii' (most shy) cuz she's really but really a shy girl. Every time (at the beginning) it seems like you should give her a microphone for understand what does she's saying but if you listen well what does she says you can receive many good advices from her. She's quiet, she does a reflection for every important thing, if you're impulsive you can be confident on her. Doesn't she seems shy? SURE! I saw her last october after 10 years (I changed a lot of schools in my life XD) and when I listened her voice I thought that she looked the same as she was a child XD. She's a really shy girl but a kind person, realible etc. (but she is mine è_é don't steal her from me è_é)

Today she came back from Rimini with Jessica and she is annoyed, she wanna come back with Jessica but now she's improving her style a lot.

SHE, yeah this girl, surely is my rival cuz she stole my Valentina u_u (Eri isn't jealouse XDDD noooo XD) but after the title of the 'Ichiban thief' XD she gained the title of 'Ichiban furendori' (most friendly). So... why? Cuz at the appareance (like the most of the girls in this group) we do an impression of... bitchies isn't it? XD admit it cuz I think the same thing XD we seems like 'mean girls' really means XD but  if with some girls I had problem at the first time with her I hadn't any problem, she's so friendly, she always have a lot of things to say, she's kind, she's a really good friend. Is cool hang out with her, surely, with her you can speak about a lot of things, without any problems.

At the moment she came back to Milan from Rimini and she did an amazing job, improving her style.

Surely I wanna give her the title of 'Ichiban Senpai' (most mature) of the group. She's the oldest of the group (and surely of the yonchies) but she's the girl that have the fastest improvement between yonchies, she has the most confidence with gyaru style than other yonchies and although she's a kouhai for pichies-nichies-sanchies, she can give us advices. Don't forget that she's the oldest (problably she won't like that I say that sentence a lot of times XD) and she has more life experience. She seems, too, a mean girl at the beginning but, with us, she seems like a 'mom' cuz she's the oldest (still XD) but the most mature among us, she seems like to have a sentence done in her head (leave and left leave, dunno if it is the right translation) and she goes on with her opinions

At the moment she isn't on travelling, she's studying a lot (and also working) but she don't give up her style, and everyone saw her big improvement.

Only her could receive the title of 'Ichiban Kakkoi' (most cool) of the group. She seems to have a strong character and SHE REALLY HAS, don't act cool with her cuz she's cooler than you guys XD she could get angry in a moment XD but inside her is hide a shy girl that wanna meet girls like her with her opinions, her hobbies and stuffs like this. She's cool in a different way, she doesn't act like a 'mean girl' but like a girl who doesn't care about the others XD but if you know her better... she's like a tsundere? kinda... yeah like a tsundere xD everyone know that tsundere is a cool girl, always acting cold but deeper in her heart a warm girl, yeah she's like this, you can say secrets to her and if she really enjoys a thing she could be the most into in that XD. For me she's Norma's little sister XD.

She's still in German and I really miss her cuz I can't chat with her everyday. But she did great photos, when she'll came back she must to post it here u_u

XDDDDD, look at her pals XD She's the 'Ichiban Omoshiroi' (most funny) member in this group. Looking at her: it seems that she's a cheerful girl that always have funny things and always laugh, you don't make mistakes XD if you have the doubt with her, DON'T HAVE IT, it is XD. She's the most funny for her acting like a extroverted child, you could think that you won't see her cry BUT when she wants she can be very serious and help you to resolve big problems, she always gives you a hand for everything, if you need help ask her, she will help you. She seems like a girl that 'just wanna have some fun' (cit. beckii cruel song XD) but her life doesn't turn around amusements, I think that after norma she's one of the most mature person in the gal-sa.

She did a trip in Italy last July and now she's working (all the day è_é) but she's improving her style (and she's engaged) she got a boyfriend and she's happy.

To my twin, to my beautiful twin at the beginning I was undecided for give her another ichiban (that I got cuz I were in the second place XD) but she got the first place in another category: her power, her energy XD she's the 'Ichiban Genki' (most energic) girl of the group. WHY? CUZ... Well, like other members, she seems a 'mean girl' that treat badly nerds in her school, NO WAY GIRLS, she's hyperactive, when she does shopping, my god XD she has a boyfriend but always give kiss to handsome guys meet in the city XD and the guys give kisses to her XD She's crazy, more than Giorgia surely, she's funny in another way, she seems like she's a bitch but she really isn't (I'm surely more bitch than her XD), she really enjoys everyday that she lives, with her you can't be bored. Look at her, do you really think to get annoyed with her? XD C'mon.

My beautiful twin is in Poland in this month (surely until the end) and she's doing a lot of shopping XD she wanna came back poor but with a lot of clothes XD.

Rika absolutely gained the title of 'Ichiban iihito' (most good person) in the group. Why? First of all, if you resist 4 month with a bitch like me (and seriously I can stress everyone in this earth) you surely are a patient person, I would give her that ichiban xD by the way, she's the last pichies member with me, she followed me since the beginning and never left me alone. She's also one of a few people that always have the courage to say me what does she thinks about me (I know that a lot of people have fear XD why? XD really dunno XD) and for this she could gained the title of the most sincere, the most honest... but for make a resument of all she's the most good person, cuz she's mature, she always helps kouhai, she always give advices, she's really unsure about herself, but give courage to the others, is a thing that just a few people can do, and she can, she's a really good person.

At the moment she isn't travelling (she will go to London this September) but she's working a lot (and also with the hairstyle).

And now? XD yeah ihihih XD miss me XD what 'Ichiban' I received?

I gave the title of 'Ichiban sekushii' (most sexy) of the group. When I asked to saki why she looked at my boobs and she laughed XD MEAN XD RUDE! It isn't just for this (but I admit that help XD) but for my eyes, the way I see people, intense look, *embarassed XD* But I must to admit it: I always try to look sexy (problably I gave that category cuz I'm the only one of the group that try to do it XD) and guys agreed XD (my bf isn't so happy about this XD). Looking at me in the 'real life' I give an impression of a shy girl (the opposite impression of 'internet life' where people at the first time think that I'm a bitch XD and I am) but when people know me they discover the real me. *sexywannabe* XD. But my life don't stop about sexyness. I think that things like friendship and love are more important than that.

At the moment I'm working like usual, next week I'll be in Spain.

Finished, why this post? Cuz I know that some girls don't have the time to post and I wanna show my point of view of this girls, this gyaru, this FRIENDS. And cuz they must know how much I love them. And you can show another sites of us. Saki and Eri didn't say the last 'Ichiban', I wanna give to this gal-sa the last Ichiban: 'Ichiban Shizen' (most natural) gal-sa. I don't wanna comparize my gal-sa with the others italians gal-sa (honestly xD don't care) but I think that we're natural, spontaneous, we don't hide any part of our character and I'm proud of it. And for show you us we'll filming us during the meetings (next meeting in September) and you will see us :). I wanna speak more but is really too late >_< Sorry, tomorrow the last post... don't wanna leave my gal-sa alone ç_ç (STOP! XD).
Bye byeeeeeeeeee.

mercoledì 17 agosto 2011

Yonchies Improvement Part 1 - Oshi & Lyoe

Hello guys, princi desu.
In this period I stole all the days to the other members XD (f**k yeah è_é they're on holidays u_u)

I admit to say that I'm a bit worried, I don't wanna leave my gal-sa alone next week ç.ç (is just a week I know XD). By the way, looking foward about our little surprise (is impossible that we don't do anything in a whole month XD c'mon is possible by us? no way u_u) I was worried about the members that are still on holidays, especially about the yonchies (I'm a bit acting like a mom isn't it? XD) but I my worries were useless cuz they're improving so much *_*

First of all: Lyoe-chan
This girl (that are the most popular between yonchies for her cuteness) became cuter with her new hairstyle (she hasn't done a big changement): I still didn't understand if she dyed her hair or was just the sun, by the way, she is cuter day by day.

She was in the seaside, in Turkey... in this photo she hasn't 'bambi eyes' like the first one but she's still 'ichiban kawaii' member in our group *_*

Next step: our oldest senpai tried so hard with her outfit (make up included) and she did an amazing job, I'm so proud of her :) She has a wonderful make up, her hair aren't so blonde like at the beginning, she improved a lot and I'm so proud of her, as expected by 'ichiban senpai' member :)

She's amazing, I love her, I don't have much time to post so I end with her photo.
Surely I'll do 1-2 more post before the departure, I hope. Go on to follow us :) (especially yonchies)
Next time I'll show the other 'two yonchies twins' XD byeeeeee.

lunedì 15 agosto 2011

Travels, Shopping & Little Hiatus.

Hello, princi desu.
Today... I feel... a bit kind of sadness.
My twin is in Poland (Eri) and I really miss her ç-ç
Chiu is in German at the moment (ç_______ç)
Vale and Jè are in Rimini right now (sob ç_ç)
Lyoe is in Turkey for all the month (ç.ç)
I feel a bit lonely cuz Rika, Giorgia and Norma (that just travelled or won't go in any place) work all the day, I also work but not all the day... I feel a bit lonely (owhn XD)
BUT, the thing that cheer me up is that next week I'll be in Spain, I'm so happy, I wanna do shopping before the departure but I've spent all the money for this month ç_ç I dunno what should I do... is better save money >_<

By the way, plans for september: this summer some girls asked me when I'll re-do meeting, I'll start to do it this autumn but from this september I wanna go out more with the members (everyone work / study, we're so busy but we'll do our best for hang out more) and we planned to go out also in the evening and in the night (althought we live so far from each other we'll find a solution).

We'll start to take photos and stuffs like this, also a lot of videos, we apologize for not post everyday like this spring but we're on holiday (or at work)... try to understand people, surely until the end of the august the situation would be like now. Gomen.

sabato 6 agosto 2011

Photographic Service

Hello, princi desu.
Finally saturday has come and I can say the little surprise that I announced you some days ago: me, Princi xD, will do a phographic service with other girls *_* THEME: GYARU-LOLI.
Surely I'll wear an agejo outfit XD. I'm so happy and also the other member would partecipate but XD
Rika: work all august
Eri: is in Poland
Yuuki: work all august
Chiu: is in German
Norma: work and study
Jessica: is in Rimini and she's prepairing her exam for join in the university
Valentina: the same as Jessica XD they're always together XD
Lyoe: is in Turkey
So, our gal-sa is a bit unlucky XD. We should do this at the end of august but I'll be in Spain so the date decided is 20th august.
I'll do the photo with a friend that do street style and since 2-3 months start to wear gyaru style, she's Mizuko Loli, she tried gyaru style in a meeting that I had; the other 2 lolis will be Prisci and Silvia.

I'm so excited to do this photographic service, I've never did one before and when Mizuko spoke to me about this thing I started my diet XD This time I'm telling the truth XD I'm on diet (and is so hard to do it workin' in at Mc Donald XD I eat just salad & melon, drink water .-. I'm frustrated XD). Doin' this 2 days before the departure for Barcelone (and before come to work xD) is crazy, but who think that I'm not that? I'm crazy you know u_u. I'm sad cuz other members couldn't join but I hope to receive another chance to do a photographic service 'only gyaru' with all the members :) I really hope :). I'll dye my hair more than now (I want but I dunno if I have time to go in Milan to buy the colour) but surely my hair would be straight è_é I DON'T WANT THAT IT RAINS è_é *hoping*.
That's it for today :) Byeeeeee.

venerdì 5 agosto 2011

I'm Lyoe ~

Hi everyone! *_* I am Gulden but call me Lyoe! I'm a new entry there xD

I'm 17 years old and I study fashion. I love to sing and drawing manga, my favourite genre is shojo! I love it.
I listen to kpop and jpop, my favourite colour is pink and I do cosplay! I do my own costumes, it's funny, I love to sew.
I have a boyfriend, his name is Francesco and he's 17 like me and we stay together for almost three years <3
I don't know what to say, so I stop there! I'll write more another day! Byeeeeee **


Hi!!!! ^__^ 
I'm Valentina a new member of Peachlove Gyaru-sa.

I'm italian,I live in Milan and I'm 18.

This year i' ve finished the high school and now i' m going to start the university.
In my spare time i like to go out with my friends and i love every sort of music so I listen to the music and I play the piano!=)

My interest about this gyaru-sa started when Alessia told me about it. 

My style is Agejo. Generally I love dress me up in a particular way and I' m very interested about makeup and outfits.

For today that's all. See you soon.

Xoxo XD

giovedì 4 agosto 2011

Hello Buddies!

Hi, I'm Jessica, a new member of Peach Love Gyaru-sa ;)

I'm Italian, I live in Milan and I'm 19. This year I've finished the high school and now I'll study to the university in October. 

In my free time I like to go out with my friends and listen to the music.

One week ago I heard from a friend of mine, Valentina, the story of this group, so I decided to make a request for an audition in this group. I'm so interested about it!! 

My style is Ganjiro cause I don't like extreme makeup and outfits but in the meantime I love dress me up in a particular way. 

That's all!! Xoxo!! ;D

mercoledì 3 agosto 2011


Hi!!! ~
I'm Norma, one of the newest members of PeachLove's gyaru-sa! :)
I'm Italian, I live in Turin and I'm 24. I study at university (at DAMS which means art, music and show) and I also work..in my free time I like to go out with my boy and friends...so my life's quite busy! :)

I always been in love with Oriental culture, especially with the Japanese one.
My interest began with anime and mangas and it grown up in an interest for fashion and life style.
I've never been to Japan unfortunately, but is one of my dream :)

I discovered gyaru fashion years ago, I was particulary attracted by the manga GALS and so I started to search infos about "this strange and new thing" :)  .....then I discovered ganguro's world, which was at the top of popularity in those years and then magazines, websites, model's blogs..etc..
And now I'm in a gyaru-sa! :D

My stile is ganjiro, I don't like extreme makeup and outfits, or better, I like to see them but with my life schedule it will be very hard to do it! :)

I think that's all, guys! :)
If you are interested in my personal style and life, come to visit my blog! http://oshifugushima.blogspot.com
Kisses!!!!! :) :) :) :)

lunedì 1 agosto 2011

Yonchies Generation


Here are the YONCHIES :) Norma, Jessica, Valentina and Gulden. From Tomorrow they will do their presentation, plase support them :).
We did also an opening of us, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OysQsd61Hqc the idea was born by me when I saw a momusu's concert, we opened a project, peach love nine smile, we will do a photo with a different expression, so we show 9 feelings, 9 smiles, 9 peach member :).
I'm so happy for this audition, I was happy to find a lot of new member, but also happy cuz this audition end XD. Some member asked me: when the next audition? ...
ARE YOU KIDDIN' ME?! XD Never again... no, not never but for now that's it XD
Please support our new members, thanks. now I go. Bye Byeeeeeeee.
PS: Tomorrow is Norma's turn to post her presentation, stay tuned, after jessica, valentina and lyoe presentation (tuesday, wensday, thursday and friday) saturday I'll do an announcement, a special news. I won't say anything until saturday :) Byeeee.

giovedì 28 luglio 2011

The 'Audition' is almost end.

Hellooooooo, princi desu.
So, you all waited for a month but from tomorrow the 'audition' are officially ended.
I wanna explain how this 'special audition' is gone.
A lot of girls auditioned, more than 10 ( I count the girls that I've found and the girls that asked me, exactly in all this month 12). I was happy to found more than 10 girls to audition but the problems start XD.
Some girls didn't wanna join anymore because they wanna stay anonimous and don't do any meet (WTF?! XD).
Some girls wasn't interested at all.
I was a bit discouraged because in the first two weeks I've found just girls that aren't interested or have fear about the community, I thought a lot of times to gave up this 'audition' but I was sure that I would find someone really interested.
In the third week a few other girls contacted me but they aren't interested, I've found one interested and I was so happy.
In these days XD a lot of girls really interested joined and I'm so happy about it (one of the girl that will join in the gyaru-sa is a friend that discovered that news from another auditioner xD both will join XD).
I was a bit sad because we're a lot here in Milan but not too much in Turin and Bologna, I search some girls from that cities and I've found it u_u. Peach's Member would be doubled XD. I said that I didn't wanna show any prewiev... and I won't do it XD *mean girl mode on*

So, what will happen in this days until monday? Like momusu XD Every new member will have a senpai that in these days will teach everything about the gal-sa and will respond to all the questions that they have. So, do an argument: we're 5 now isn't it? If every girl must to be a 'senpai' for every member so this mean that we accept maximum of 5 girls. I've chosen 4 girls, miss just one that still can audition, the audition finish tonight u_u XD (at midnight Italy Timezone XD) I remember the rules.
- Don't be underage (except if you can travel witouth any problem)
- Be interested in gyaru
- Live in the north of Italy (if you live in the middle or in the south you surely would like that we go in the south, the majority of the members can't, I've asked a lot of times, so if you live in the south you must to arrive in Turin - Milan - Bologna)
- Join to the meet (Gyaru is 'have fun' most of all, if you do a good make up and you have a good style but you don't wanna join meet ask to another gal-sa)

That's all, for who asked me if foreigners girls could join: yeah you can if you haven't any problem to come in Italy durin' holidays.

That's all xD seriosly. See you to monday for the new girls, bye byeeeee.

PS: I haven't changed the graphic because I wanna change it with the new members :) Fatima isn't a member anymore 

domenica 24 luglio 2011

Just a word: Scandinavia.

Hello guys, princi desu.

Sorry for don't post in so much time, I'm very busy with my job, seems full time isn't it? XD it isn't xD but extra work isn't so bad at all, isn't it? XD

So: we have some news to announce you in this period (like the secret that we'll say to you next week, the new members of fourth generation etc.) but personally I wanna say my own announcement XD, I start from the beginning XD.

Today I spent a day with my boyfriend and in the afternoon we talked to travel but I just planed to go to Spain and he in another place, so he said me which places he would like to visit (like NYC and countries in the north europe), he really likes scandinavia and he wanna do a trip in all the scandinavia (like a tour) I think that is a bit difficult xD by the way the decision is taken: I'LL GO IN SCANDINAVIA THIS WINTER *_*

YEIII!!!! Winter could be also february, or january, I really dunno but we're decided to visit scandinavia (I wanna see Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo u_u) so, be careful finnish / norwegian / swedish gals, I'll be there u_u I decided it, I decided to go to Spain? and I'll be there next month, I decided to be in Scandinavia? I'll be there xD (not just for make a trip with the bf eh? XD nooo XD).

There're a lot of gals that I'd like to meet, I can't count it, there're too much *_* I'm so excited...

I wanna meet zhizhi because she's so sweet and I admire her (follower of her blog addicted XD), I wanna meet jae beacause she reminds me my twin 'Eri' and she seems shy but so nice, I wanna meet Viivi because she's one of the gals that I've discovered and I wanna meet her è_é (jealous of her hair XD): I wanna meet this 3 gals because I'm fan of all of 3 u_u

 Is obvious, who wouldn't like to meet Pin? (I see also the other gals but I'm a bit obsessed with Pin XD) So... who don't? *showing a gun* nobody? I was pretty sure about it  XD yamamba is a difficult style to wear (for me) but she (they u_u) wear it perfectly, I'll surely would learn a lot of tips from they and they can give me (if they want) some advices, I wanna improve day by day.

 Everybody loves Monica (and me too u_u) Monica problably understood that (if you didn't monica XD you should XD) and I would be honoured (WTF?!) to meet her *_* She's so fabulous, I'll be like her... sooner or later XD.

*boring to post images, stopping*

Problably you think that I'm crazy of think about another trip and didn't yet enjoyed the current one u_u you're right, but in my family is like that, every year xD. I pass all the year to save money for the trip, after a month I spend all and 2-3 month before the departure I'm worried about the money XD is like this at every trip u_u I'm so excited *_* Gals, I'm writing at the end of this day (sunday) but it problably would go out on monday because it's almost midnight, I won't post too much (just like now XD) I'm very busy but next monday (1st august? or 31th july? dunno xD) I'll announce the members of the 4th generation, thanks for who waited and supported us so much :) we're very encouraged by you guys that keep goin' to continue, we won't give up :)

And now I go, there's a party at midnight u_u (I know I'm late, I don't wanna come early .-.) so bye bye, go on to follow us u_u.

Ah, a little news: from now we'll post when we have time (Chiu will post tomorrow or after tomorrow XD for speak about her week end with her boyfriend in Toscania) but from September we'll post everyday like was used to be did in may.

So, now I go... byebye *_* (excitement for scandinavia mode on, F***K I'LL GO THERE *_* wanna cry XD)

giovedì 21 luglio 2011

Campus Peach, Yokatta!

Hi, here's Hikari, still staying in the middle of nowhere. .__.
I'm really happy to announce the relase of a new song by Princi! *^*
->CLICK to listen! <-
It's in Italian, but don't worry. v.v Here comes the transation.

Campus Peach, Yokatta!

In this last times I feel so embarassed
Because of that boy that
Looked at me
I dunno how to react...

Although if I feel, for a lot of reason, sad
Bad situation but
I won't give up
No, this isn't my style...

I'm so excited to travel and to re-see them
Sad or happy you have always your friends with you

Summer with Peach, Yokatta!
Everywhere we go always together 
we leave our problems behind us
And we don't think about it anymore

When then, we go away
we separate we feel a bit sad but
With a big smile in our mouth
Because we know that we'll re-see again
Peach Together For Life!

Often between friends, it happen that we fight
Problably for pride, stubbornness
You don't wanna make excuses...

When you make peace, you think to be stupid
Between friends it could be mistakes but, the beautiful thing
is that your friends are ready to forgive it

When you don't have any idea for a resolution of a problem
The solution is simple: ask to your friends...

Make "Campus Peach", Yokatta"!
Natsu is the order word because
When if not in summer
we can have fun, c'mon...

Stand up, from that chair
And come to have fun and try
to live like a gal
Is the thing that we try to do always
Peach Always Friends For Life

Make "Campus Peach", Yokatta"!
Natsu is the order word because
When if not in summer
we can have fun, c'mon...

Stand up, from that chair
And come to have fun and try
to live like a gal
Is the thing that we try to do always
Peach Always Friends For Life

We hope you like it. ^^
About me... .__. I renewed my haircut. I'll post the photos as soon as possible (when I return home °^°)
I'm also working on a little project for our blog. xD
I hope to return soon home so I can go out at night. °^° (even though I would stay here only to hear people speak with their beautiful French accent. *^* I really love it. xD)

Ciao ciao. xD

mercoledì 20 luglio 2011

All is coming in this period.

HELLOOOOO! Here princi u.u
So *_* Today I'm happy like you can see XD
Today I wanna say you a lot of things, it's a long time that I don't speak about a lot of news.

First of all, yesterday there was a gal meet-up when I've joined (we're a few people like the other meet-up XD better for us XD) Surely someone throw us bad luck because it was rain XD My hair were really straight, I was proud of my hair yesterday but returned curly, really curly è_é I also bought an unmbrella because It was unexpected; I was really fed up, NEVER AGAIN A MEET WITH RAIN è_é But we enjoyed that day, we showed our queue's fox, did you remember that I bought one 1 month ago?

Here a closer photo


we took some photos and Mizuko Loli tried her first gal outfit (I lend her my glasses), everyone looked at us (modestly speaking eh? XD) and I FORGOT TO SAY A THING XD: when we entered in a shop in China Town a girl saw us and said to the other shop assistant: are they Gyaru? It seems, there're a lot of gyaru in China... I WAS SO HAPPY *_* Mizuko said: but they're chinese, not italian, they know gyaru style... that's true u_u but italians don't know gyaru style u_u I was so happy *_* The last day that I've spent with Mizuko in China Town (more or less 2 weeks ago... could it be? dunno XD) another shop assistant saw my queue's fox and ran behind it XD she looked at me with a big smile XD and she said: it could be understable what coulours do you like ( I wear a t-shirt in a cheetah way XD like everyday XD); she liked my queue's fox and I'm proud of it u_u almost at the end of the day we took some photos (that I don't wanna show XD), ok just one XD.

I can't make photos u_u my foulard is in a cheetah way like half of my wardrobe XD.
MY HAIR, SO CURLY ç_ç Damn to the rain è_é *AFOHGFSSUCBUAFHWAAUROIY£(70£/&=)(TE")(GA* (<- bad words u_u don't copy me). By the way was a real good day, I was happy.

NOW, Speak about other things: our gal-sa have a surprise for you, next week I'll announce it, if everything will be alright, damn no u_u I can't otherwise I steal news to the other girls XD. Sorry guys. Can I say just a little thing? XD I'm Happy *_* miss exactly 32 days (I guess) and I'll be in Spain *_* Be careful spanish gals, princi's coming. I'll leave Italy the 22th of august, today it's 20 right? so 32 days... DON'T CARE **** I'LL BE IN SPAIN *_______* I'm excited, I wanna make a lot of photos *_* ok, stop it u_u it's lunch time. u_u Byeee. (SPAINSPAINSPAINSPAINSPAINSPAINSPAINSPAIN.... It seems that I've never seen Spain in my life isn't it? XD I already see Spain 3 times XD but this time is special, my first travel abroud not still underage and with a lot of groups of wonderful gals to meet *_* I'm exploding of happiness). Ok, Stop seriously, Byeeeeee.

domenica 17 luglio 2011

Good afternoon guys :)

Hello everyone today who is writing to you is your Yuuki :)
I begin by telling you that I started working right away just returned from the sea... Umh as you have seen the dear Prince has uploaded some photos I took when I was at sea :)

I'll show you other day :)

As you can see from this photo above the sea was wonderful except that they were very rough and then there were huge waves XD But I enjoyed the world :)
Instead they are in this other picture on the bridge that was on the beach :)
what do you think of my outfit?! ^ ^ I have a new black ribbon in her hair, are made ​​up, I have the shirt Death Note (one of the many souls who follow XD), shorts and boots :)

Umh well, with this last picture for today is all dear boys/girls :)
Thank you for reading my post to the next :)