giovedì 1 settembre 2011

Trip to Spain: Resume, Pt. 1

Hello guys, princi desu.
Some people waited for this, and I'll be more cruel cuz for this post I'll do a resume of the trip (not to the end, just a bit),  I'll show some images later... problably xD or problably I don't want xD let's see later... xD

Monday 22:
 I worked sunday until 10pm and I couldn't sleep, at 2.30am my friend's dad came to my house to take us in the airport... we arrived so early and we waited a lot, check in and the stuffs like this... at 6.15 the departure but there were tecnic problems xD surely someone trhow me bad luck xD but after an hour the departure... so exciting *_* we arrived at 8.30 but ana (that could take us to home) couldn't go so we arrived at 'Plaza Catalunya' at 10.00... we had the problem with the gabbages, cuz we stayed in a house but we couldn't receive the keys until 4pm... it was 10am... what should we do for 6 hours? so I called ana that was at work and she really couldn't xD (I knew but I was desperate xD) so I called nanah that couldn't help me (SURE GUYS XD reus is too much far) but she gave me noe's number and SHE SAVED US XD. I explained her the problem and she allowed us to take the baggages into her house until the house's owner would come (he couldn't come earlier cuz he was outside barcelone until the day before)... I didn't though about a thing: THE METRO! Who live in Milan know how hard is travelling with metro if it is your first time, there're 5 different lines... well, in Barcelone there are ELEVEN and I really wanted to cry XD (no I'm joking) but my friend's gabbage was a bit broken and so heavy (she took with her a lot of useless things and she complained a lot for that) I got mad XD, with the indications I found Noe nearest's stop metro (that is in front of her house XD). Lucky XD she was so kind with me, I tried to make a photo with her and with her friend that lived with her but I looked at me and... is better if I didn't anything. Well, we're disturbing very much so, after a little break in her house (and with her dogs that I really love *_*), we went to a big hall (I don't remember the name °°) well, near the forum xD was so huge, better than halls here in Milan... after some hours we came back to take our baggages at Noe's house and go to take the keys but we finished the credit and we didn't remember where exactly her house was (she lives in an appartement and there're 3 condos like her so.. XD lol XD) we went to our house (that was hard to find XD) and we got the keys, we came back to Noe's house to take the baggages and return to our home (was stressfull XD). We spent a lot of moneys for the food, cuz my friend took a lot of things that can't cook well, a lot of things that she couldn't finished in a week (and she didn't finished and I got seriosly mad) and she brought just the first thing that she see, never noticed the price but I was sure that she could cook... no... SHE CAN'T XD and I discovered in a bad way xD but after returning home we had dinner and we watched tv all the evening (surely we didn't want to go out that evening, was really a hard day °°) and at almost midnight we went to bed.

Was a really stressfull day but I really enjoyed it XD I got mad severals times but Noe and Cristina really helped us XD I was happy to meet them, when I will be back in Barcelone (dunno when) surely I'll re-meet them :)

Well, should I go on? no u_u I'm tired and I must to go, I will do the resume of every day every turn that I have XD at the end of the trip I'll post the photos XD I'm cruel I know u_u Byeeeeee.