sabato 6 agosto 2011

Photographic Service

Hello, princi desu.
Finally saturday has come and I can say the little surprise that I announced you some days ago: me, Princi xD, will do a phographic service with other girls *_* THEME: GYARU-LOLI.
Surely I'll wear an agejo outfit XD. I'm so happy and also the other member would partecipate but XD
Rika: work all august
Eri: is in Poland
Yuuki: work all august
Chiu: is in German
Norma: work and study
Jessica: is in Rimini and she's prepairing her exam for join in the university
Valentina: the same as Jessica XD they're always together XD
Lyoe: is in Turkey
So, our gal-sa is a bit unlucky XD. We should do this at the end of august but I'll be in Spain so the date decided is 20th august.
I'll do the photo with a friend that do street style and since 2-3 months start to wear gyaru style, she's Mizuko Loli, she tried gyaru style in a meeting that I had; the other 2 lolis will be Prisci and Silvia.

I'm so excited to do this photographic service, I've never did one before and when Mizuko spoke to me about this thing I started my diet XD This time I'm telling the truth XD I'm on diet (and is so hard to do it workin' in at Mc Donald XD I eat just salad & melon, drink water .-. I'm frustrated XD). Doin' this 2 days before the departure for Barcelone (and before come to work xD) is crazy, but who think that I'm not that? I'm crazy you know u_u. I'm sad cuz other members couldn't join but I hope to receive another chance to do a photographic service 'only gyaru' with all the members :) I really hope :). I'll dye my hair more than now (I want but I dunno if I have time to go in Milan to buy the colour) but surely my hair would be straight è_é I DON'T WANT THAT IT RAINS è_é *hoping*.
That's it for today :) Byeeeeee.

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