mercoledì 17 agosto 2011

Yonchies Improvement Part 1 - Oshi & Lyoe

Hello guys, princi desu.
In this period I stole all the days to the other members XD (f**k yeah è_é they're on holidays u_u)

I admit to say that I'm a bit worried, I don't wanna leave my gal-sa alone next week ç.ç (is just a week I know XD). By the way, looking foward about our little surprise (is impossible that we don't do anything in a whole month XD c'mon is possible by us? no way u_u) I was worried about the members that are still on holidays, especially about the yonchies (I'm a bit acting like a mom isn't it? XD) but I my worries were useless cuz they're improving so much *_*

First of all: Lyoe-chan
This girl (that are the most popular between yonchies for her cuteness) became cuter with her new hairstyle (she hasn't done a big changement): I still didn't understand if she dyed her hair or was just the sun, by the way, she is cuter day by day.

She was in the seaside, in Turkey... in this photo she hasn't 'bambi eyes' like the first one but she's still 'ichiban kawaii' member in our group *_*

Next step: our oldest senpai tried so hard with her outfit (make up included) and she did an amazing job, I'm so proud of her :) She has a wonderful make up, her hair aren't so blonde like at the beginning, she improved a lot and I'm so proud of her, as expected by 'ichiban senpai' member :)

She's amazing, I love her, I don't have much time to post so I end with her photo.
Surely I'll do 1-2 more post before the departure, I hope. Go on to follow us :) (especially yonchies)
Next time I'll show the other 'two yonchies twins' XD byeeeeee.

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