lunedì 15 agosto 2011

Travels, Shopping & Little Hiatus.

Hello, princi desu.
Today... I feel... a bit kind of sadness.
My twin is in Poland (Eri) and I really miss her ç-ç
Chiu is in German at the moment (ç_______ç)
Vale and Jè are in Rimini right now (sob ç_ç)
Lyoe is in Turkey for all the month (ç.ç)
I feel a bit lonely cuz Rika, Giorgia and Norma (that just travelled or won't go in any place) work all the day, I also work but not all the day... I feel a bit lonely (owhn XD)
BUT, the thing that cheer me up is that next week I'll be in Spain, I'm so happy, I wanna do shopping before the departure but I've spent all the money for this month ç_ç I dunno what should I do... is better save money >_<

By the way, plans for september: this summer some girls asked me when I'll re-do meeting, I'll start to do it this autumn but from this september I wanna go out more with the members (everyone work / study, we're so busy but we'll do our best for hang out more) and we planned to go out also in the evening and in the night (althought we live so far from each other we'll find a solution).

We'll start to take photos and stuffs like this, also a lot of videos, we apologize for not post everyday like this spring but we're on holiday (or at work)... try to understand people, surely until the end of the august the situation would be like now. Gomen.

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