giovedì 28 luglio 2011

The 'Audition' is almost end.

Hellooooooo, princi desu.
So, you all waited for a month but from tomorrow the 'audition' are officially ended.
I wanna explain how this 'special audition' is gone.
A lot of girls auditioned, more than 10 ( I count the girls that I've found and the girls that asked me, exactly in all this month 12). I was happy to found more than 10 girls to audition but the problems start XD.
Some girls didn't wanna join anymore because they wanna stay anonimous and don't do any meet (WTF?! XD).
Some girls wasn't interested at all.
I was a bit discouraged because in the first two weeks I've found just girls that aren't interested or have fear about the community, I thought a lot of times to gave up this 'audition' but I was sure that I would find someone really interested.
In the third week a few other girls contacted me but they aren't interested, I've found one interested and I was so happy.
In these days XD a lot of girls really interested joined and I'm so happy about it (one of the girl that will join in the gyaru-sa is a friend that discovered that news from another auditioner xD both will join XD).
I was a bit sad because we're a lot here in Milan but not too much in Turin and Bologna, I search some girls from that cities and I've found it u_u. Peach's Member would be doubled XD. I said that I didn't wanna show any prewiev... and I won't do it XD *mean girl mode on*

So, what will happen in this days until monday? Like momusu XD Every new member will have a senpai that in these days will teach everything about the gal-sa and will respond to all the questions that they have. So, do an argument: we're 5 now isn't it? If every girl must to be a 'senpai' for every member so this mean that we accept maximum of 5 girls. I've chosen 4 girls, miss just one that still can audition, the audition finish tonight u_u XD (at midnight Italy Timezone XD) I remember the rules.
- Don't be underage (except if you can travel witouth any problem)
- Be interested in gyaru
- Live in the north of Italy (if you live in the middle or in the south you surely would like that we go in the south, the majority of the members can't, I've asked a lot of times, so if you live in the south you must to arrive in Turin - Milan - Bologna)
- Join to the meet (Gyaru is 'have fun' most of all, if you do a good make up and you have a good style but you don't wanna join meet ask to another gal-sa)

That's all, for who asked me if foreigners girls could join: yeah you can if you haven't any problem to come in Italy durin' holidays.

That's all xD seriosly. See you to monday for the new girls, bye byeeeee.

PS: I haven't changed the graphic because I wanna change it with the new members :) Fatima isn't a member anymore 

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