venerdì 26 agosto 2011

Peach Love Meet and Gyaru Secret

Hello everyone who writes to you guys now is your Yuuki :)
So in this post I will speak of the various plans we meet :)

Meetings in September:
Sunday, September 4th will be the first meet between Milan-Turin-Bologna and also new members of the Peach Love.
Saturday, September 10 there will be an afternoon of shopping in Bologna (what beautiful things ihihi XD cmq return to the main topic)
Sunday 18 Then we will meet the second between Mantua and Reggio Emilia-Alexandria
And finally there will be the last meeting in September that 24 Saturday evening where we all together in Milan.

Meetings in October:
Saturday, October 1st where we will have a picnic together in Turin that will meet the first of the month
Sunday, October 9th where we will be the third meet in Milan-Turin-Bologna
Saturday, October 15 troveremno us all to Milan to prep and prepare all things together that are used for the parade
Then Sunday, October 23 there will be an account of the parade but each in their own region
And finally Sunday, October 30th we will finally Gyaru Parade in Lucca with many other beautiful girls who know style Gyaru

Here I meet with the boys finished :)
Now show you step by some of my latest photos :)

What do you think I have clothing in this photo, dear readers? ^ ^
A I would appreciate your opinion :)
In the next post I'll show you my latest purchases :)
As last thing I will tell you something about the Secret Gyaru I can tell you that we will try to improve ourselves and improve some things ^ ^
Well this is all for today to the next update, dear readers :) I wish you a good day :)

Kisses and Hugs

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  1. Ciao cara. I vestiti non mi piacciono, piu' che altro perche' non sono gyaru! Per il resto come abbinamento non e' male..
    Dovresti scrivere inglese un pochino meglio, pero' perche' non si capisce quasi niente D:!!
    Comunque buona fortuna!!