giovedì 28 luglio 2011

The 'Audition' is almost end.

Hellooooooo, princi desu.
So, you all waited for a month but from tomorrow the 'audition' are officially ended.
I wanna explain how this 'special audition' is gone.
A lot of girls auditioned, more than 10 ( I count the girls that I've found and the girls that asked me, exactly in all this month 12). I was happy to found more than 10 girls to audition but the problems start XD.
Some girls didn't wanna join anymore because they wanna stay anonimous and don't do any meet (WTF?! XD).
Some girls wasn't interested at all.
I was a bit discouraged because in the first two weeks I've found just girls that aren't interested or have fear about the community, I thought a lot of times to gave up this 'audition' but I was sure that I would find someone really interested.
In the third week a few other girls contacted me but they aren't interested, I've found one interested and I was so happy.
In these days XD a lot of girls really interested joined and I'm so happy about it (one of the girl that will join in the gyaru-sa is a friend that discovered that news from another auditioner xD both will join XD).
I was a bit sad because we're a lot here in Milan but not too much in Turin and Bologna, I search some girls from that cities and I've found it u_u. Peach's Member would be doubled XD. I said that I didn't wanna show any prewiev... and I won't do it XD *mean girl mode on*

So, what will happen in this days until monday? Like momusu XD Every new member will have a senpai that in these days will teach everything about the gal-sa and will respond to all the questions that they have. So, do an argument: we're 5 now isn't it? If every girl must to be a 'senpai' for every member so this mean that we accept maximum of 5 girls. I've chosen 4 girls, miss just one that still can audition, the audition finish tonight u_u XD (at midnight Italy Timezone XD) I remember the rules.
- Don't be underage (except if you can travel witouth any problem)
- Be interested in gyaru
- Live in the north of Italy (if you live in the middle or in the south you surely would like that we go in the south, the majority of the members can't, I've asked a lot of times, so if you live in the south you must to arrive in Turin - Milan - Bologna)
- Join to the meet (Gyaru is 'have fun' most of all, if you do a good make up and you have a good style but you don't wanna join meet ask to another gal-sa)

That's all, for who asked me if foreigners girls could join: yeah you can if you haven't any problem to come in Italy durin' holidays.

That's all xD seriosly. See you to monday for the new girls, bye byeeeee.

PS: I haven't changed the graphic because I wanna change it with the new members :) Fatima isn't a member anymore 

domenica 24 luglio 2011

Just a word: Scandinavia.

Hello guys, princi desu.

Sorry for don't post in so much time, I'm very busy with my job, seems full time isn't it? XD it isn't xD but extra work isn't so bad at all, isn't it? XD

So: we have some news to announce you in this period (like the secret that we'll say to you next week, the new members of fourth generation etc.) but personally I wanna say my own announcement XD, I start from the beginning XD.

Today I spent a day with my boyfriend and in the afternoon we talked to travel but I just planed to go to Spain and he in another place, so he said me which places he would like to visit (like NYC and countries in the north europe), he really likes scandinavia and he wanna do a trip in all the scandinavia (like a tour) I think that is a bit difficult xD by the way the decision is taken: I'LL GO IN SCANDINAVIA THIS WINTER *_*

YEIII!!!! Winter could be also february, or january, I really dunno but we're decided to visit scandinavia (I wanna see Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo u_u) so, be careful finnish / norwegian / swedish gals, I'll be there u_u I decided it, I decided to go to Spain? and I'll be there next month, I decided to be in Scandinavia? I'll be there xD (not just for make a trip with the bf eh? XD nooo XD).

There're a lot of gals that I'd like to meet, I can't count it, there're too much *_* I'm so excited...

I wanna meet zhizhi because she's so sweet and I admire her (follower of her blog addicted XD), I wanna meet jae beacause she reminds me my twin 'Eri' and she seems shy but so nice, I wanna meet Viivi because she's one of the gals that I've discovered and I wanna meet her è_é (jealous of her hair XD): I wanna meet this 3 gals because I'm fan of all of 3 u_u

 Is obvious, who wouldn't like to meet Pin? (I see also the other gals but I'm a bit obsessed with Pin XD) So... who don't? *showing a gun* nobody? I was pretty sure about it  XD yamamba is a difficult style to wear (for me) but she (they u_u) wear it perfectly, I'll surely would learn a lot of tips from they and they can give me (if they want) some advices, I wanna improve day by day.

 Everybody loves Monica (and me too u_u) Monica problably understood that (if you didn't monica XD you should XD) and I would be honoured (WTF?!) to meet her *_* She's so fabulous, I'll be like her... sooner or later XD.

*boring to post images, stopping*

Problably you think that I'm crazy of think about another trip and didn't yet enjoyed the current one u_u you're right, but in my family is like that, every year xD. I pass all the year to save money for the trip, after a month I spend all and 2-3 month before the departure I'm worried about the money XD is like this at every trip u_u I'm so excited *_* Gals, I'm writing at the end of this day (sunday) but it problably would go out on monday because it's almost midnight, I won't post too much (just like now XD) I'm very busy but next monday (1st august? or 31th july? dunno xD) I'll announce the members of the 4th generation, thanks for who waited and supported us so much :) we're very encouraged by you guys that keep goin' to continue, we won't give up :)

And now I go, there's a party at midnight u_u (I know I'm late, I don't wanna come early .-.) so bye bye, go on to follow us u_u.

Ah, a little news: from now we'll post when we have time (Chiu will post tomorrow or after tomorrow XD for speak about her week end with her boyfriend in Toscania) but from September we'll post everyday like was used to be did in may.

So, now I go... byebye *_* (excitement for scandinavia mode on, F***K I'LL GO THERE *_* wanna cry XD)

giovedì 21 luglio 2011

Campus Peach, Yokatta!

Hi, here's Hikari, still staying in the middle of nowhere. .__.
I'm really happy to announce the relase of a new song by Princi! *^*
->CLICK to listen! <-
It's in Italian, but don't worry. v.v Here comes the transation.

Campus Peach, Yokatta!

In this last times I feel so embarassed
Because of that boy that
Looked at me
I dunno how to react...

Although if I feel, for a lot of reason, sad
Bad situation but
I won't give up
No, this isn't my style...

I'm so excited to travel and to re-see them
Sad or happy you have always your friends with you

Summer with Peach, Yokatta!
Everywhere we go always together 
we leave our problems behind us
And we don't think about it anymore

When then, we go away
we separate we feel a bit sad but
With a big smile in our mouth
Because we know that we'll re-see again
Peach Together For Life!

Often between friends, it happen that we fight
Problably for pride, stubbornness
You don't wanna make excuses...

When you make peace, you think to be stupid
Between friends it could be mistakes but, the beautiful thing
is that your friends are ready to forgive it

When you don't have any idea for a resolution of a problem
The solution is simple: ask to your friends...

Make "Campus Peach", Yokatta"!
Natsu is the order word because
When if not in summer
we can have fun, c'mon...

Stand up, from that chair
And come to have fun and try
to live like a gal
Is the thing that we try to do always
Peach Always Friends For Life

Make "Campus Peach", Yokatta"!
Natsu is the order word because
When if not in summer
we can have fun, c'mon...

Stand up, from that chair
And come to have fun and try
to live like a gal
Is the thing that we try to do always
Peach Always Friends For Life

We hope you like it. ^^
About me... .__. I renewed my haircut. I'll post the photos as soon as possible (when I return home °^°)
I'm also working on a little project for our blog. xD
I hope to return soon home so I can go out at night. °^° (even though I would stay here only to hear people speak with their beautiful French accent. *^* I really love it. xD)

Ciao ciao. xD

mercoledì 20 luglio 2011

All is coming in this period.

HELLOOOOO! Here princi u.u
So *_* Today I'm happy like you can see XD
Today I wanna say you a lot of things, it's a long time that I don't speak about a lot of news.

First of all, yesterday there was a gal meet-up when I've joined (we're a few people like the other meet-up XD better for us XD) Surely someone throw us bad luck because it was rain XD My hair were really straight, I was proud of my hair yesterday but returned curly, really curly è_é I also bought an unmbrella because It was unexpected; I was really fed up, NEVER AGAIN A MEET WITH RAIN è_é But we enjoyed that day, we showed our queue's fox, did you remember that I bought one 1 month ago?

Here a closer photo


we took some photos and Mizuko Loli tried her first gal outfit (I lend her my glasses), everyone looked at us (modestly speaking eh? XD) and I FORGOT TO SAY A THING XD: when we entered in a shop in China Town a girl saw us and said to the other shop assistant: are they Gyaru? It seems, there're a lot of gyaru in China... I WAS SO HAPPY *_* Mizuko said: but they're chinese, not italian, they know gyaru style... that's true u_u but italians don't know gyaru style u_u I was so happy *_* The last day that I've spent with Mizuko in China Town (more or less 2 weeks ago... could it be? dunno XD) another shop assistant saw my queue's fox and ran behind it XD she looked at me with a big smile XD and she said: it could be understable what coulours do you like ( I wear a t-shirt in a cheetah way XD like everyday XD); she liked my queue's fox and I'm proud of it u_u almost at the end of the day we took some photos (that I don't wanna show XD), ok just one XD.

I can't make photos u_u my foulard is in a cheetah way like half of my wardrobe XD.
MY HAIR, SO CURLY ç_ç Damn to the rain è_é *AFOHGFSSUCBUAFHWAAUROIY£(70£/&=)(TE")(GA* (<- bad words u_u don't copy me). By the way was a real good day, I was happy.

NOW, Speak about other things: our gal-sa have a surprise for you, next week I'll announce it, if everything will be alright, damn no u_u I can't otherwise I steal news to the other girls XD. Sorry guys. Can I say just a little thing? XD I'm Happy *_* miss exactly 32 days (I guess) and I'll be in Spain *_* Be careful spanish gals, princi's coming. I'll leave Italy the 22th of august, today it's 20 right? so 32 days... DON'T CARE **** I'LL BE IN SPAIN *_______* I'm excited, I wanna make a lot of photos *_* ok, stop it u_u it's lunch time. u_u Byeee. (SPAINSPAINSPAINSPAINSPAINSPAINSPAINSPAIN.... It seems that I've never seen Spain in my life isn't it? XD I already see Spain 3 times XD but this time is special, my first travel abroud not still underage and with a lot of groups of wonderful gals to meet *_* I'm exploding of happiness). Ok, Stop seriously, Byeeeeee.

domenica 17 luglio 2011

Good afternoon guys :)

Hello everyone today who is writing to you is your Yuuki :)
I begin by telling you that I started working right away just returned from the sea... Umh as you have seen the dear Prince has uploaded some photos I took when I was at sea :)

I'll show you other day :)

As you can see from this photo above the sea was wonderful except that they were very rough and then there were huge waves XD But I enjoyed the world :)
Instead they are in this other picture on the bridge that was on the beach :)
what do you think of my outfit?! ^ ^ I have a new black ribbon in her hair, are made ​​up, I have the shirt Death Note (one of the many souls who follow XD), shorts and boots :)

Umh well, with this last picture for today is all dear boys/girls :)
Thank you for reading my post to the next :)


giovedì 14 luglio 2011

Useless Post xD

Hi everyone! ^^ Here's Hikari. 
In these days I moved to an hotel in a remote village where I work. I'll stay here for two weeks, so I'll be isolated from the "civilized world" for some time.
In return I feel rich. lol
Someone cleans my room for me, someone cook for me, I can eat the dishes I want, I am served and not have to wash the plates. lol I just wake up, get ready, cross the street, go to work and then back to the hotel. It's comfortable. xD
Ok. ok. I'm silly and I'm enthusiastic about stupid thing. What can I do? xD
By the way, please, don't forget: The auditions for the fourth generation are continuing. We already have some candidates, but I REALLY need a member from Piemonte, so, if you live there, contact us. xD  I want to organize a mini-meet too. TT-TT

My God, what a useless post! xD
I'm sooooo sorry. xD

mercoledì 13 luglio 2011

Thank you.

Hello, princi desu.

Since I posted monday I received a lot of views (what a news? xD) but a lot of messages (I never received so much °°)... this messages were really supportive, some girls (italians and foreigners) treated me kindly and said me to don't give up, to go on on my own, to be more confident on myself. Surely I'll do it *_* thanks so much, I couldn't imagine that I would receive so much support, today I saw an image (by rika-chan), she said me that if I write 'gyarusa' on google (italian google) this is the result

So, why should I give up? I won't do it, WE won't do it. :) Thanks girls, I was sure that in this community we could meet friends, than more gals.
Today I went out with Mizuko Loli, a girl that does street-style, she hasn't a definitive style and in this period she would like to wear gyaru-style, we had fun but I forgot the photocamera ç_ç by the way I'll re-see her next Tuesday at Gyaru Meeting in Milan, I'm so happy *_*
Yuuki-chan returned from Liguria and she posted some images :3

Wonderful make-up *_* She'll return to Milan for the Gyaru Meeting, I'm so excited *_*
BY THE WAY XD (I'll go on to say it until the end of the post XD).
I'm so stressed for the outfit for the parade, I dunno what should I wear ç-ç but surely I'll do my best, I dunno which style should I wear XD I'm a bit confused I know xD but I'll do my best, is a promise xD.
I wanna close this post with a video *_*
I sang it in italian but the translation is there (always there's an unlike, always the same loser girl that still didn't understood that I know is her xD) next Tuesday I'll do the video in the meeting *_* and I have more songs to sing (I already changed it other 3 u_u) and I'll go on to do it XD.
BY THE WAY (ok I stop it u_u)

I'm tired, this evening I'll meet my bf and I wanna be more fashionable than usual u_u byeee.

lunedì 11 luglio 2011



Like you know from the video that I put yesterday (or saturday? °° dunno) Chery left the group, Rika is the sub-leader.
Oh well, people, I would like to explain why she left and I was pretty sure to know that until today.
Today Nyakora asked to Chery to join and she accepted.
So the reasons why she left, I really don't know... ask her.

Some girls said me that I didn't lost anything...
Some girls said me that was better if she wasn't feel good with us, create a new gal-sa
Some girls said me to make a serious argument with the Leader of Nyakora XD but face to face XDDD
Some girls said me that I would be angry XD

I'm a bit shocked but... it'll pass ok.
Please support her, I'll do it.

Ah, I wanna remember that all the projects we announced are still active, please join... that's it. Bye

domenica 10 luglio 2011

:...Mini Post...:

Hello everyone today who is writing is Yuuki tells you some things :)

I begin to tell you that with the sea holiday was fantastic :)

the place was gorgeous :) there was a clear blue sea :)

the center of Pietra Ligure was magnificent was full of beautiful shops I would have taken all ihihih :)

then one night I went to the disco in Loanhead near Pietra Ligure, which was fantastic and there were plans of young guys really fun :) but the outward and return by train was heavy XD

Then another change is that I have taken a new portfolio of gorgeous color :)

As soon as I'll show you some photos of the sea :)

Kisses Yuuki

venerdì 8 luglio 2011

Bye Bye Italian Gal Community, We Go on.

Qui parla la princi che ha una notizia per voi, una importante, altre sono piccole news, comincio da quelle.
Here is princi with a news, for you, one very important, other little news, I start with them.

La nostra Rika mi ha informato che andrà a Londra coi suoi genitori a Settembre per due settimane e noi siamo contente per lei, chissà che non incontri qualche gal londinese o nei dintorni, lo spero davvero... Invece Giorgia mi ha detto che se non ha problemi lei verrà al meet a Parigi con me, speriamo bene >_< non so per le altre, sicuramente io ci sarò u_u parto sempre io XD.

Our Rika said me that she'll be in London with her parents in September for 2 weeks and we're very glad for her, who knows that problably she will meet some gal from London or near, I really hope it... Instead Giorgia said me that if she'll not have any problem she will come with me in Paris for the international meet, I hope >_< I dunno for the others, surely I'll be there u_u I always travel XD.

La sfilata Gyaru si avvicina e noi siamo ansiosissime, purtroppo Eri e Fatima è probabile che non partecipino ma le altre si, io farò agejo (o amekaji, mi ispira XD) la rika rokku, la robi ganjiro, la giò pure lei rokku... non vedo l'ora, devo ancora prenotare l'albergo ç.ç e chi ne ha voglia xD vabbè mi darò da fare tra un po', quando avrò almeno deciso cosa portare *_*

Gyaru Parade's Day is near and we're all ansious, unfortunately Eri and Fatima is pretty sure that they will not participate but the other yes, I'll do agejo (or amekaji, I'm inspired XD), rika rokku, robi ganjiro and giò rokku too... I'm so excited, I must to choose the hotel (or hostel) to stay >_< I don't want to do it now XD I'll work on this later xD, when I'll choose what should I wear *_*

Abbiamo in mente un sacco di meet, come a Milano (che dal 18 è stato spostato al 19), a Genova (che dall'11 è stato spostato al 25) e tante mini uscite (le due twin Eri e Princi devono far caos in giro per Milano e dintorni XD).

We thought about a lot of meet, like in Milan (that it was moved from 18 to 19), at Genova (that it was moved from 11 to 25) and a lot of mini meet (two twins Eri and Princi must to make caos in Milan and near Milan XD).

Devo scappare (non ho mai tempo di fare nulla XD) però voglio concludere con la news importante. 
Noi, così come da quel che ho letto le Honey, siamo stanche, questa community gal MI FA SCHIFO, non mi spiace che molte loli stiano quittando per passare al gyaru, anzi la cosa mi fa piacere...
1. Però mi spiace che se una ragazza fa una cosa la fa SOLO perchè deve farsi vedere
2. Mi spiace che se una ragazza non posta outfit allora non è una gyaru
3. Mi spiace che se una ragazza deve partire lo fa SOLO per incontrare le altre persone all'estero e non per divertirsi in vacanza coi suoi amici. 
4. Mi spiace che molte persone amanti di questo stile abbiano quittato (e ce ne sono TANTE che se ne stanno nell'anonimato per 'paura' di gyaru secret etc.). 
5. Mi spiace che la vita di certa gente sia così vuota (anche se a dir la verità mi è indifferente) tanto da saper solo sputtanare gli altri e non guardare se stessi.
6. Mi spiace perdere persone alla quale tengo che sono amareggiate da tanta invidia e poca vita sociale.

Detto ciò, le Peach lasciano DEFINITIVAMENTE la community gal italiana, non parteciperemo ai meet tra varie gal italiane ne ai progetti, i meet gyaru-loli saranno peach-loli, i meet 'How to be gyaru, learn to be gyaru' saranno riservati a chi entra nel gruppo e non ha ancora uno stile definito,  l'ultimo progetto aperto a tutti (quello della sfilata) sarà aperto a tutte come sempre. Non ce l'abbiamo con tutta la community, con quelle poche che la stanno rovinando e che stanno facendo quittare un sacco di persone (e non se ne rendono nemmeno conto). Bene, da ora buon divertimento, ah ovvio che questo è l'ultimo post scritto in italiano. Bye gals.

I must to go (I never have time to do something XD) but I want to finish with an important news. 
We, I think that we feel the same feelings like Honey Pop, we're tired, this gal community (italian) REALLY SUCKS, I'm not sad because some lolitas having left that style for join gyaru, I'm really happy about this...
1. BUT I'm sad because if a girl do a thing she does that thing ONLY for show her
2. I'm sad because if a girl don't post so much outfit she isn't a gal
3. I'm sad because if a girl would like to travel abroud she does that ONLY for meet other gals and not have fun with her friends (gal or not)
4. I'm sad because a lot of people that joined a few time ago already had left the community (and there're A LOT OF PEOPLE that did that for 'fear' about gyaru secret etc.).
5. I'm sad cuz some girls' life is so empty (honestly... I don't care) that they must to throw shit to other people and don't see their business.
6. I'm sad cuz a lot of people more sad than me for so much envy and no social life. 

Said that, Peach Love left DEFINITLY italian gyaru community, we wont join to any meet between gal-sa or any project, gyaru-loli meet would be peach-loli, 'How to be gyaru, learn to be gyaru' meet would be done just for new members that don't have a precise style, the last project that I've opened (about the parade) will be opened for everyone who had joined. We aren't angry with all the community, just with a few girls that are ruining this community and are making escape a lot of people (and it seems that they don't notice that). Well, from now have fun, ah and surely this will be the last post in italian, we'll write here only in english. Bye gals.

giovedì 7 luglio 2011

Sub Leader

Ciao, sono Hikari. ^w^
Il Gyaru News Italia l'ha già annunciato, ma volevo essere io a scriverlo ufficialmente sul blog della Gyaru-sa:
Chery mi ha lasciato il ruolo di Sub Leader delle Peach Love, e ovviamente ho accettato e la ringrazio tanto.
Mi impegnerò al massimo per migliorare. Capisco che il ruolo di sub leader non mi permette di starmene a non far nulla. xD Prestissimo qualche nuova foto. u.u
Ora devo andare.
Vi ricordo che le audizioni per la quarta (e probabilmente ultima) generazione sono aperte e lo resteranno fino ad agosto.

Hi, Here's Hikari. ^w^
"Gyaru News Italia" already wrote that, but I really want to be the one who will write it officially on our blog: Chery given to me the role of  Peach Love's Sub Leader, and, of course, I accepted. Thanks a lot, Chery.
I'll work really hard to improve myself. Soon some new photo. u.u
Now I have to go.
Don't forget about the auditions for the fourth generation!

lunedì 4 luglio 2011

News a go go.

Hola ragazzi, qui è la princi che ha un po' di news da dirvi.
Hola guys, here is princi and I have some news to say you.

Prima di tutto voglio parlarvi della giornata del 28.06.11 
Abbiamo fatto un sacco di video che monterò e posterò su youtube al più presto, vi posto come un diario della giornata secondo me XD.
Giorgia doveva arrivare alle 12.45 a stazione centrale, esco alle 10.25 di casa ed arrivo giusto in tempo in stazione (notare come i mezzi di provincia fanno schifo, nello stesso momento in cui io sono uscita di casa lei prendeva il treno .-.), Giorgia mi riconosce e subito cominciamo a parlare come fossimo amiche di vecchia data XD. Andiamo al Duomo e facciamo foto / video. Eri arriva alle 13:40 (il suo treno ha fatto ritardo XD), e da lì (dopo aver mangiato al mc, il commesso era un po' scemo ma lo capisco xD pure io sono rincretinita quando lavoro al mc XD). Giriamo tutta via Torino (ed Eri ci prova con un commesso di bershka XD)... Verso le 15:30 di corsa a Corso Buenos Aires dove abbiamo perso quasi un'ora solo da Tally Weilj (e n'è valsa la pena u.u), erano le 16:30 e la Giò partiva tra due ore, ci mancava ancora China Town... e da lì cominciarono i guai XD. Da Lima la metro era ferma (la rossa) così andiamo fino a Loreto a prendere la verde (con breve sosta da Terranova dove io e la eri abbiamo fatto una foto strepitosa XD), a Loreto prendiamo la verde e scendiamo a Garibaldi, da là a China Town: tempo di vedere Rebecca Moda e di corsa al mc di China Town (dove c'è un commesso nero figo da morire u.u si chiama Hassan u.u semmai tornerò single chissà XD) scontro una vecchia con la borsa e questa mi grida dietro XD (la parte più esilarante della giornata, più della Eri che ci prova col tipo di bershka che le mandava pure i bacini) questa poi mi grida: FAI ATTENZIONE STUPIDA! Io non avevo realizzato che parlasse di me, mi giro e le grido: TACI VA' VECCHIA RIMBAMBITA! XD Di corsa al Mc da quel figo di Hassan XD però era tardi, erano le 17:45, alle 18:20 c'era il treno da centrale per Mantova, corriamo in Stazione ed arriviamo alle 18:10, ma c'era scritto 18:40... sul biglietto della Giorgia 18:20, che sbagli internet? NO! Avevano segnato 18:40 arriva il treno a Milano da Mantova, eravamo in anticipo e l'abbiamo perso .-. Io ed Eri abbiamo aspettato che arrivasse il treno di Giorgia e 5 minuti prima della partenza l'abbiamo salutata. Io ed eri siamo andate a cadorna dove ci siamo separate (potevo prendere il pullman da là ma quel pullman si fa l'autostrada ed io la odio >_<) così vado fino a molino dorino (e chi è di milano capisce quanto io sia imbecille) e da Molino fino a casa (menomale che la fermata del pullman è a 5 minuti da casa mia). E' stata una giornata fantastica XD

First of all, I wanna say something about the day 28.06.11
We did a lot of videos and photos that sooner I'll post, now I speak like if this was a diary XD.
Giorgia is arrived at 12.45 at Milan Central Station, I went out from my home at 10.25 and I was on time (seeing like Milan trasports really sucks, I live from 40km from Milan, she's from Mantova and she came before me .-.) Giorgia recognized me (I didn't XD) and we started to speak like we were old friends since long time. We go to 'Duomo' in Milan and we did photos and videos. Eri came at 13:40 (her train was late XD), and from that (after eating at Mc Donald, the crew was a bit silly XD but I can understand him, I'm very stupid when I work XD) we go in 'Via Torino' (and Eri tried to speak with a bershka's shop assistant XD)... At 15:30 we go to 'Corso Buenos Aires' and we spent an hour only at Tally Weilj (we spent a lot of time but it's ok), it was 16:30 and at 18:20 Giorgia must to return in Mantova, so we have a few time, but from that time the troubles began XD. From Lima (a stop metro near Duomo) the metro didn't come for some problems and we went to Loreto (a few time at Terranova when Eri and I saw beautiful T-Shirts XD). We took the metro from Loreto at Garibaldi, and from Garibaldi (on foot) to China Town: just a few time for see Rebecca Moda's shop and fast to China Town's Mc Donald (where there is a handsome black guy that work there *_* his name is Hassan... if I will not be engaged anymore who knows XD) I did a collision with an old woman that began to shout on me XD my god XD (the most funniest moment, funnier than Eri and her kisses to bershka's shop assistant XD) this granny shout: BE MORE CAREFULL STUPID! I didn't realized that she was talking to me, I turn around and I said (shouting): SHUT UP! STUPID GRANNY! and I ran away XD I'm so polite u.u at the Mc Donald there was Hassan *_* but it was late, there were 17:45 and the train leave Milan at 18:20 we ran to Milan Central Station and we arrived at 18.10 but there was written 18.40... in Giorgia's ticket 18.20... after a few minutes we discovered that the train FROM Mantova ARRIVE at Milan at 18.40... we arrived early and we lost the train >_> Eri and I waited that the train arrived and at 19.10 (5 minutes before the train leave Milan to Mantova) we said good bye to Giorgia. Eri and I went to Cadorna where we said each other good bye ( I could take a bus to my home from Cadorna but that bus pass to the highway and I hate it) I went at Molino Dorino (and who lives in Milan could understand how stupid I am XD) and from Molino I took the bus to my home (fortunally I live at 5 minutes on foot from the bus stop). It was a special Day.

L'ultima foto è la migliore, ne ho messe solo alcune, noi amiamo i nostri fidanzati XD però ci sta che li facciamo arrabbiare un po' XD.
The last photo is the best, I put just some of them, we love our boyfriend XD but is ok if sometime we make them angry XD just a bit.

Parliamo poi della Spagna? Parlo sempre della spagna XD, qui sotto vi citiamo le gal-sa che probabilmente incontreremo: Suteki, Hanabaki, Shibuya Angels. Ci sarebbe piaciuto incontrare le Obsession ma abitano a Madrid, a 7 ore di treno da Barcellona (a quanto mi dice Suzu) peccato ç.ç
Speak about Spain? I speak ALWAYS about Spain XD, here I say the gal circle that problably we'll meet: Suteki, Hanabaki, Shibuya Angels. We would like to meet also Obsession gal circle but they live at 7 hours by train from Barcellona (Suzu said me that) is a pity ç.ç

Ho scritto tanto lo so XD faccio parlare anche le altre sennò non sanno che scrivere, ricordo solo gli ultimi meet e cose che facciamo in questo periodo estivo
I wrote a lot I know XD I allow to speak also the others, if I speak too much about news they don't know what they would write, I remember just the last meet and other things that we do in summer period.

11.07.11: Peach Love Gal Meet at Genova (Liguria)
18.07.11: Gyaru Meeting at Milano
22.08.11 - 29.08.11: Peach Love Gal Meet in Barcelone
August (dunno any date): Peach Love Gal Meet With Kitties Squad in Domodossola
September (dunno any date): Peach Love Gal Meet at Gardaland

Non scordate la sfilata di ottobre ed il meet internazionale a Parigi questo inverno ok? See you, bye.
Don't forget the gyaru parade at october and the international gal meet at Paris this winter ok? See you, bye. 


domenica 3 luglio 2011

Special Announcement

Ehi ragazzi, qui è la princi che ha qualcosa di importante da annunciarvi.

Hey guys, this is princi that she has something important to announce you.

La membra della seconda generazione 'Queenie' non farà più parte del gruppo.
Eri è stata inserita come ultima membra della seconda generazione non per salvare una generazione ma perchè fu presa dopo l'annuncio della seconda generazione nel blog, ma anche dopo che il gruppo aveva deciso di aprire una generazione nuova, non volendo fare una generazione 1.5 XD l'abbiamo spostata nella seconda generazione.

The second member generation's 'Queenie' will not be anymore part of the group.
Eri was put like the last nichies' member not for save the generation but because she was taken after the announcement in this blog, but also after the decision's group to open a new generation, we don't want to do a generation like 1,5 XD so we moved her to second generation.

Voglio spiegare una cosa: a differenza di Martha, che è la prima e vera graduata dal gruppo per esigenze lavorative e per non più interesse nel Gyaru, infatti ha lasciato la community gyaru, Queenie, così come Kelly, non avevano più interesse nella gyaru-sa, Kelly ha fatto la sua decisione di andarsene ma sarebbe stata mandata via come Queenie nel giro di poco tempo. So che sembriamo le Morning Musume con 'audizioni', 'generazioni', e 'graduation' ma il nostro obbiettivo non è far numero, è trovare sempre più AMICHE con la quale condividere questa passione, se conosco una persona che ama il gyaru come me ma non è mia amica è inutile che faccia parte della mia gyaru-sa no? Ovviamente la decisione è stata presa a votazione, in un caso ha vinto l'unanimità, nell'altro la maggioranza.
Bye Bye Kelly & Margi, spero vi troverete meglio altrove o anche da sole senza una gyaru-sa.



I wanna explain a thing: differently from Martha, that she's the first and only graduated member for work reasons and not more interest in Gyaru, infact she left gyaru community, Queenie, like Kelly, they haven't interest in gyaru-sa anymore, Kelly has taken his decision to left but she would be sent away like Queenie in a few days. I know that we seems like Morning Musume with 'auditions', 'generations' and 'graduations' but our goal isn't to be the gal-sa with more members, is to found always FRIENDS with I can share this pasion, if I know a person that love gyaru but she isn't my friend is useless that is a part of my gyaru-sa, isn't it? Surely the decision was taken voting, in a case wins the unanimity, in other case the majority.

Comunque, nonostante questo triste momento, c'è una cosa che vi voglio annunciare.
However, although this sad moment, there's a thing that I wanna announce you.

Eh si, apriamo le audizioni per la quarta generazione delle Peach, gli Yonchies. So che fa strano a meno di 3 settimane dalla scoperta delle nuove membre ce ne sono già di nuove in arrivo... SI! Però voglio una formazione definitiva, probabilmente questa sarà la ultima generazione che creerò, poi in futuro non si sa, per ora questa è l'ultima e l'ho aperta per un motivo preciso (che non rivelerò fino alla fine delle audizioni). Questa è una special generation per me, essendo l'ultima di una lunga serie, per cui le audizioni dureranno tutto il mese e NON CI SARANNO ANTEPRIME, riveleremo i nomi, le info e le foto ad agosto. Stay Tuned.

Oh yeah, we open the audition for the fourth's Peach generation, Yonchies. I know that is kinda weird that less than 3 weeks from the welcom of sanchies there's a new generation now with new guys... YEAH! But I wanna make a definitive formation, problably there will be the last generation that I will create, than in the future I dunno, for now this is the last that I've opened for an accurate reason (that I won't reveal until the end of the auditions). This is a special generation for me, being the last of a lot, so the auditions will be for all the month of July and THERE WILL NOT BE ANY PREWIEVS, we'll show the names, infos and photos at august. Stay Tuned.

E' tutto per oggi, domani è il mio turno e vi dico le news 'normali' XD, a domani bye.
That's all for today, tomorrow it's my turn and I say you 'normal news' XD, see you, bye.

venerdì 1 luglio 2011

Rikachiii is here! ^_^

Hi everyone!! *^*
Qui è Hikari v.v

Here's Hikari v.v

Ho taaaaaante cose da fare, ma ci sono novità!

I have a looooot of things to do, but there are some news!

Innanzitutto c'è stato il primo dei tanti mini meet che abbiamo in programma,in cui Eri e Princi sono uscire a fare shopping insieme! ** Le vedremo finalmente twinnare? ** Chi lo sà. u.u

First of all there was the first of manuy mini meeting we planned. Eri and Princi went out to shopping together! ** Are we going to see them twin? ** Who knows. u.u

Ma non solo! L'amicizia tra le gyaru-sa italiane continua, e la nostra Chery sta legando con le Nyakora!

But there's more! The friendship between italian's gyaru-sa continues, and our Chery is getting closer to the Nyakora!

Mie novità? Niente di speciale. Tanto lavoro e un pacco pieno di cose non relative al gyaru arrivato dal giappone, per cui non vi annoierò con la descrizione del contenuto.

News about me? Nothing special. A lot of work and a pack full of non-gyaru-related things from Japan, so I will not bother you with the description of the content.

Con il mio primo stipendio ho comprato DI TUTTO. xD

With my first salary I bought EVERYTHING xD

Menzione speciale per il CD di Kanon Wakeshima, che arriverà presto, e per lo STUPENDO rossetto "La Femme" che cambia colore in base alla temperatura corporea. Ho preso il rossetto rosso fuoco, che su di me diventa di un bellissimo color ciliegia **

Special mention to Kanon Wakeshima's Lolitawork Libretto CD, and fot the WONDERFUL "La Femme" lipstick that changes color according to body temperature. I bought the flaming red one. On my lips it becomes a beautyful cherry colour **

Hello guys... Yuuki :)

Ciao ragazzi oggi scrivo io sul blog al posto di eli perchè domani mattina presto parto per il mare vado in Liguria e sto via una settimana :)

Hello guys I am writing today on the blog instead of Eli because tomorrow morning I leave for the sea in Liguria and I'm away a week:)

Comunque vi racconto che martedì sono andata a Milano per la prima volta dove mi sono incontrata con Princi e Eli :) giornata stupenda mi sono divertità molto e anche loro però devo dire che l'impressione che mi ha dato Milano è di una bella città ma molto caotica però devo dire che i negozi sono molto belli e hanno tantissime cose dentro :)

However I will tell you that on Tuesday I went to Milan for the first time where I met with Prince and Eli :) wonderful day and I really enjoyed them too but I must say that gave me the impression that Milan is a beautiful city, but very busy but I must say that the stores are beautiful and have so many things inside :)

Appena avremo tutto il materiale posteremo le foto e i video che abbiamo fatto ^_^ bhe dopo di questo posso dirvi che sto partecipando a un concorso di migliore foto modificata su facebook vedrò se riesco a vincere XD vi faccio vedere comunque la foto che ho messo per questo concorso :)

As soon as all the material we will post pictures and videos we have done well, ^ _ ^ after that I can tell you that I am participating in a competition for best edited photo on facebook XD I'll see if I can win I'll still see the picture I put for this contest :)

Cosa ne pensate ragazzi?! ^_^ Bhe con questo per oggi è tutto alla prossima ragazzi :)
PS. Ah ragazzi continuate a seguirci :)

What do you guys think?! ^ _ ^ Well this is all for today to the next guys :)
PS. Oh guys stay tuned :)