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Hello, princi desu XD
I'm so sad to leave Italy, my gal-sa alone (still this topic? yeah è_é) but I wanna make a special post for my members (dunno if I'll post the second part of yonchies improvements tomorrow or after the trip in Spain) cuz I love them. Ah yeah, and for the followers I will say what they're doin' in this period (explanation cuz they aren't posting anymore).

In this period speaking with saki and eri (2 girls that helped me with a site named Gyaru News Italia that now is on hiatus) they follow the gyaru-sa since the beginning and given us an 'Ichiban'. What does it mean Ichiban? Means 'the most'. The most of what? They said me what they think about every member and I write my opinion (and they agreeded)

I wanna give her the title of 'Ichiban Kawaii' (most cute) of the group: why? SO, are you looked at her? She's really cute (bambi eyes so cute XD), but also her behaviour, her character... you can feel the sensation as a senpai, she's still 17 and she's the youngest among us, you don't feel the sensation that she is too young for us, you feel the sensation that she's the youngest and fits well among us for her act... like in a cutie way, MAN I LOVE HER XD, she's so nice and she could be so mature but looking at her face... she's gained her title. Problably you think that she's like a child (for us) but we don't see so many years of difference cuz she can be very mature (but don't look her in her eyes *hypnotize* XD).

She's in Turkey right now and she's doing an huge improvement, I'm so proud of her (don't look her eyes *hypnotize* XDDDD) keep goin' in this way.

I wanna give her the title of 'Ichiban Hazukashii' (most shy) cuz she's really but really a shy girl. Every time (at the beginning) it seems like you should give her a microphone for understand what does she's saying but if you listen well what does she says you can receive many good advices from her. She's quiet, she does a reflection for every important thing, if you're impulsive you can be confident on her. Doesn't she seems shy? SURE! I saw her last october after 10 years (I changed a lot of schools in my life XD) and when I listened her voice I thought that she looked the same as she was a child XD. She's a really shy girl but a kind person, realible etc. (but she is mine è_é don't steal her from me è_é)

Today she came back from Rimini with Jessica and she is annoyed, she wanna come back with Jessica but now she's improving her style a lot.

SHE, yeah this girl, surely is my rival cuz she stole my Valentina u_u (Eri isn't jealouse XDDD noooo XD) but after the title of the 'Ichiban thief' XD she gained the title of 'Ichiban furendori' (most friendly). So... why? Cuz at the appareance (like the most of the girls in this group) we do an impression of... bitchies isn't it? XD admit it cuz I think the same thing XD we seems like 'mean girls' really means XD but  if with some girls I had problem at the first time with her I hadn't any problem, she's so friendly, she always have a lot of things to say, she's kind, she's a really good friend. Is cool hang out with her, surely, with her you can speak about a lot of things, without any problems.

At the moment she came back to Milan from Rimini and she did an amazing job, improving her style.

Surely I wanna give her the title of 'Ichiban Senpai' (most mature) of the group. She's the oldest of the group (and surely of the yonchies) but she's the girl that have the fastest improvement between yonchies, she has the most confidence with gyaru style than other yonchies and although she's a kouhai for pichies-nichies-sanchies, she can give us advices. Don't forget that she's the oldest (problably she won't like that I say that sentence a lot of times XD) and she has more life experience. She seems, too, a mean girl at the beginning but, with us, she seems like a 'mom' cuz she's the oldest (still XD) but the most mature among us, she seems like to have a sentence done in her head (leave and left leave, dunno if it is the right translation) and she goes on with her opinions

At the moment she isn't on travelling, she's studying a lot (and also working) but she don't give up her style, and everyone saw her big improvement.

Only her could receive the title of 'Ichiban Kakkoi' (most cool) of the group. She seems to have a strong character and SHE REALLY HAS, don't act cool with her cuz she's cooler than you guys XD she could get angry in a moment XD but inside her is hide a shy girl that wanna meet girls like her with her opinions, her hobbies and stuffs like this. She's cool in a different way, she doesn't act like a 'mean girl' but like a girl who doesn't care about the others XD but if you know her better... she's like a tsundere? kinda... yeah like a tsundere xD everyone know that tsundere is a cool girl, always acting cold but deeper in her heart a warm girl, yeah she's like this, you can say secrets to her and if she really enjoys a thing she could be the most into in that XD. For me she's Norma's little sister XD.

She's still in German and I really miss her cuz I can't chat with her everyday. But she did great photos, when she'll came back she must to post it here u_u

XDDDDD, look at her pals XD She's the 'Ichiban Omoshiroi' (most funny) member in this group. Looking at her: it seems that she's a cheerful girl that always have funny things and always laugh, you don't make mistakes XD if you have the doubt with her, DON'T HAVE IT, it is XD. She's the most funny for her acting like a extroverted child, you could think that you won't see her cry BUT when she wants she can be very serious and help you to resolve big problems, she always gives you a hand for everything, if you need help ask her, she will help you. She seems like a girl that 'just wanna have some fun' (cit. beckii cruel song XD) but her life doesn't turn around amusements, I think that after norma she's one of the most mature person in the gal-sa.

She did a trip in Italy last July and now she's working (all the day è_é) but she's improving her style (and she's engaged) she got a boyfriend and she's happy.

To my twin, to my beautiful twin at the beginning I was undecided for give her another ichiban (that I got cuz I were in the second place XD) but she got the first place in another category: her power, her energy XD she's the 'Ichiban Genki' (most energic) girl of the group. WHY? CUZ... Well, like other members, she seems a 'mean girl' that treat badly nerds in her school, NO WAY GIRLS, she's hyperactive, when she does shopping, my god XD she has a boyfriend but always give kiss to handsome guys meet in the city XD and the guys give kisses to her XD She's crazy, more than Giorgia surely, she's funny in another way, she seems like she's a bitch but she really isn't (I'm surely more bitch than her XD), she really enjoys everyday that she lives, with her you can't be bored. Look at her, do you really think to get annoyed with her? XD C'mon.

My beautiful twin is in Poland in this month (surely until the end) and she's doing a lot of shopping XD she wanna came back poor but with a lot of clothes XD.

Rika absolutely gained the title of 'Ichiban iihito' (most good person) in the group. Why? First of all, if you resist 4 month with a bitch like me (and seriously I can stress everyone in this earth) you surely are a patient person, I would give her that ichiban xD by the way, she's the last pichies member with me, she followed me since the beginning and never left me alone. She's also one of a few people that always have the courage to say me what does she thinks about me (I know that a lot of people have fear XD why? XD really dunno XD) and for this she could gained the title of the most sincere, the most honest... but for make a resument of all she's the most good person, cuz she's mature, she always helps kouhai, she always give advices, she's really unsure about herself, but give courage to the others, is a thing that just a few people can do, and she can, she's a really good person.

At the moment she isn't travelling (she will go to London this September) but she's working a lot (and also with the hairstyle).

And now? XD yeah ihihih XD miss me XD what 'Ichiban' I received?

I gave the title of 'Ichiban sekushii' (most sexy) of the group. When I asked to saki why she looked at my boobs and she laughed XD MEAN XD RUDE! It isn't just for this (but I admit that help XD) but for my eyes, the way I see people, intense look, *embarassed XD* But I must to admit it: I always try to look sexy (problably I gave that category cuz I'm the only one of the group that try to do it XD) and guys agreed XD (my bf isn't so happy about this XD). Looking at me in the 'real life' I give an impression of a shy girl (the opposite impression of 'internet life' where people at the first time think that I'm a bitch XD and I am) but when people know me they discover the real me. *sexywannabe* XD. But my life don't stop about sexyness. I think that things like friendship and love are more important than that.

At the moment I'm working like usual, next week I'll be in Spain.

Finished, why this post? Cuz I know that some girls don't have the time to post and I wanna show my point of view of this girls, this gyaru, this FRIENDS. And cuz they must know how much I love them. And you can show another sites of us. Saki and Eri didn't say the last 'Ichiban', I wanna give to this gal-sa the last Ichiban: 'Ichiban Shizen' (most natural) gal-sa. I don't wanna comparize my gal-sa with the others italians gal-sa (honestly xD don't care) but I think that we're natural, spontaneous, we don't hide any part of our character and I'm proud of it. And for show you us we'll filming us during the meetings (next meeting in September) and you will see us :). I wanna speak more but is really too late >_< Sorry, tomorrow the last post... don't wanna leave my gal-sa alone ç_ç (STOP! XD).
Bye byeeeeeeeeee.

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