domenica 24 luglio 2011

Just a word: Scandinavia.

Hello guys, princi desu.

Sorry for don't post in so much time, I'm very busy with my job, seems full time isn't it? XD it isn't xD but extra work isn't so bad at all, isn't it? XD

So: we have some news to announce you in this period (like the secret that we'll say to you next week, the new members of fourth generation etc.) but personally I wanna say my own announcement XD, I start from the beginning XD.

Today I spent a day with my boyfriend and in the afternoon we talked to travel but I just planed to go to Spain and he in another place, so he said me which places he would like to visit (like NYC and countries in the north europe), he really likes scandinavia and he wanna do a trip in all the scandinavia (like a tour) I think that is a bit difficult xD by the way the decision is taken: I'LL GO IN SCANDINAVIA THIS WINTER *_*

YEIII!!!! Winter could be also february, or january, I really dunno but we're decided to visit scandinavia (I wanna see Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo u_u) so, be careful finnish / norwegian / swedish gals, I'll be there u_u I decided it, I decided to go to Spain? and I'll be there next month, I decided to be in Scandinavia? I'll be there xD (not just for make a trip with the bf eh? XD nooo XD).

There're a lot of gals that I'd like to meet, I can't count it, there're too much *_* I'm so excited...

I wanna meet zhizhi because she's so sweet and I admire her (follower of her blog addicted XD), I wanna meet jae beacause she reminds me my twin 'Eri' and she seems shy but so nice, I wanna meet Viivi because she's one of the gals that I've discovered and I wanna meet her è_é (jealous of her hair XD): I wanna meet this 3 gals because I'm fan of all of 3 u_u

 Is obvious, who wouldn't like to meet Pin? (I see also the other gals but I'm a bit obsessed with Pin XD) So... who don't? *showing a gun* nobody? I was pretty sure about it  XD yamamba is a difficult style to wear (for me) but she (they u_u) wear it perfectly, I'll surely would learn a lot of tips from they and they can give me (if they want) some advices, I wanna improve day by day.

 Everybody loves Monica (and me too u_u) Monica problably understood that (if you didn't monica XD you should XD) and I would be honoured (WTF?!) to meet her *_* She's so fabulous, I'll be like her... sooner or later XD.

*boring to post images, stopping*

Problably you think that I'm crazy of think about another trip and didn't yet enjoyed the current one u_u you're right, but in my family is like that, every year xD. I pass all the year to save money for the trip, after a month I spend all and 2-3 month before the departure I'm worried about the money XD is like this at every trip u_u I'm so excited *_* Gals, I'm writing at the end of this day (sunday) but it problably would go out on monday because it's almost midnight, I won't post too much (just like now XD) I'm very busy but next monday (1st august? or 31th july? dunno xD) I'll announce the members of the 4th generation, thanks for who waited and supported us so much :) we're very encouraged by you guys that keep goin' to continue, we won't give up :)

And now I go, there's a party at midnight u_u (I know I'm late, I don't wanna come early .-.) so bye bye, go on to follow us u_u.

Ah, a little news: from now we'll post when we have time (Chiu will post tomorrow or after tomorrow XD for speak about her week end with her boyfriend in Toscania) but from September we'll post everyday like was used to be did in may.

So, now I go... byebye *_* (excitement for scandinavia mode on, F***K I'LL GO THERE *_* wanna cry XD)

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