martedì 23 agosto 2011

My Summer Holidays

Hello guys!I'm Valentina! I' m back from my holiday in Rimini 4 days ago. 

I passed this holiday with Jessica, another member of the Peach Love. 

 I did a lot of things... During the day I went to the beach or I did shopping while during the night I went in pubs discos and stuff like that!
I' m so bored now 'cause the city in this period is empty and 4 this reason I' m waiting the arrival of September. I passed a good month!

 I want to show u some photos that we made during this holiday.

I' m very happy about  next meetings we will have during this months. Now we are thinking about other projects!

About the story of our gyaru secret I don't have any words left! I think that is not a true thing but in the meantime we can consider this as a lucky thing 'cause is only publicity 4 us!!

Bye bye

Xoxo ;D


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