giovedì 25 agosto 2011


Hi guys, I'm Jè =) I'm back from Rimini 6 days ago and I'm so sad now as I really enjoyed myself!!

I spent this holiday with Valentina, another member of the group!! Rimini is a nice city, full of shops, discos and other locals.

I saw a lot of shops and I did shopping. I went to the beach and , during the night, I went to discos or pubs!! I had so much fun and I hope to return soon in this city!! =)

Now I show you some photos about my summer holidays!! =)

 In September I'll see with the other girls of the group!! I'm really happy!! =)
About the story of Gyaru secret I think that it's a good way to publicize our group!!
We'll try to improve our style =)

Bye and kisses ;D

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