giovedì 14 luglio 2011

Useless Post xD

Hi everyone! ^^ Here's Hikari. 
In these days I moved to an hotel in a remote village where I work. I'll stay here for two weeks, so I'll be isolated from the "civilized world" for some time.
In return I feel rich. lol
Someone cleans my room for me, someone cook for me, I can eat the dishes I want, I am served and not have to wash the plates. lol I just wake up, get ready, cross the street, go to work and then back to the hotel. It's comfortable. xD
Ok. ok. I'm silly and I'm enthusiastic about stupid thing. What can I do? xD
By the way, please, don't forget: The auditions for the fourth generation are continuing. We already have some candidates, but I REALLY need a member from Piemonte, so, if you live there, contact us. xD  I want to organize a mini-meet too. TT-TT

My God, what a useless post! xD
I'm sooooo sorry. xD

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