lunedì 11 luglio 2011



Like you know from the video that I put yesterday (or saturday? °° dunno) Chery left the group, Rika is the sub-leader.
Oh well, people, I would like to explain why she left and I was pretty sure to know that until today.
Today Nyakora asked to Chery to join and she accepted.
So the reasons why she left, I really don't know... ask her.

Some girls said me that I didn't lost anything...
Some girls said me that was better if she wasn't feel good with us, create a new gal-sa
Some girls said me to make a serious argument with the Leader of Nyakora XD but face to face XDDD
Some girls said me that I would be angry XD

I'm a bit shocked but... it'll pass ok.
Please support her, I'll do it.

Ah, I wanna remember that all the projects we announced are still active, please join... that's it. Bye

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