mercoledì 13 luglio 2011

Thank you.

Hello, princi desu.

Since I posted monday I received a lot of views (what a news? xD) but a lot of messages (I never received so much °°)... this messages were really supportive, some girls (italians and foreigners) treated me kindly and said me to don't give up, to go on on my own, to be more confident on myself. Surely I'll do it *_* thanks so much, I couldn't imagine that I would receive so much support, today I saw an image (by rika-chan), she said me that if I write 'gyarusa' on google (italian google) this is the result

So, why should I give up? I won't do it, WE won't do it. :) Thanks girls, I was sure that in this community we could meet friends, than more gals.
Today I went out with Mizuko Loli, a girl that does street-style, she hasn't a definitive style and in this period she would like to wear gyaru-style, we had fun but I forgot the photocamera ç_ç by the way I'll re-see her next Tuesday at Gyaru Meeting in Milan, I'm so happy *_*
Yuuki-chan returned from Liguria and she posted some images :3

Wonderful make-up *_* She'll return to Milan for the Gyaru Meeting, I'm so excited *_*
BY THE WAY XD (I'll go on to say it until the end of the post XD).
I'm so stressed for the outfit for the parade, I dunno what should I wear ç-ç but surely I'll do my best, I dunno which style should I wear XD I'm a bit confused I know xD but I'll do my best, is a promise xD.
I wanna close this post with a video *_*
I sang it in italian but the translation is there (always there's an unlike, always the same loser girl that still didn't understood that I know is her xD) next Tuesday I'll do the video in the meeting *_* and I have more songs to sing (I already changed it other 3 u_u) and I'll go on to do it XD.
BY THE WAY (ok I stop it u_u)

I'm tired, this evening I'll meet my bf and I wanna be more fashionable than usual u_u byeee.

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