mercoledì 20 luglio 2011

All is coming in this period.

HELLOOOOO! Here princi u.u
So *_* Today I'm happy like you can see XD
Today I wanna say you a lot of things, it's a long time that I don't speak about a lot of news.

First of all, yesterday there was a gal meet-up when I've joined (we're a few people like the other meet-up XD better for us XD) Surely someone throw us bad luck because it was rain XD My hair were really straight, I was proud of my hair yesterday but returned curly, really curly è_é I also bought an unmbrella because It was unexpected; I was really fed up, NEVER AGAIN A MEET WITH RAIN è_é But we enjoyed that day, we showed our queue's fox, did you remember that I bought one 1 month ago?

Here a closer photo


we took some photos and Mizuko Loli tried her first gal outfit (I lend her my glasses), everyone looked at us (modestly speaking eh? XD) and I FORGOT TO SAY A THING XD: when we entered in a shop in China Town a girl saw us and said to the other shop assistant: are they Gyaru? It seems, there're a lot of gyaru in China... I WAS SO HAPPY *_* Mizuko said: but they're chinese, not italian, they know gyaru style... that's true u_u but italians don't know gyaru style u_u I was so happy *_* The last day that I've spent with Mizuko in China Town (more or less 2 weeks ago... could it be? dunno XD) another shop assistant saw my queue's fox and ran behind it XD she looked at me with a big smile XD and she said: it could be understable what coulours do you like ( I wear a t-shirt in a cheetah way XD like everyday XD); she liked my queue's fox and I'm proud of it u_u almost at the end of the day we took some photos (that I don't wanna show XD), ok just one XD.

I can't make photos u_u my foulard is in a cheetah way like half of my wardrobe XD.
MY HAIR, SO CURLY ç_ç Damn to the rain è_é *AFOHGFSSUCBUAFHWAAUROIY£(70£/&=)(TE")(GA* (<- bad words u_u don't copy me). By the way was a real good day, I was happy.

NOW, Speak about other things: our gal-sa have a surprise for you, next week I'll announce it, if everything will be alright, damn no u_u I can't otherwise I steal news to the other girls XD. Sorry guys. Can I say just a little thing? XD I'm Happy *_* miss exactly 32 days (I guess) and I'll be in Spain *_* Be careful spanish gals, princi's coming. I'll leave Italy the 22th of august, today it's 20 right? so 32 days... DON'T CARE **** I'LL BE IN SPAIN *_______* I'm excited, I wanna make a lot of photos *_* ok, stop it u_u it's lunch time. u_u Byeee. (SPAINSPAINSPAINSPAINSPAINSPAINSPAINSPAIN.... It seems that I've never seen Spain in my life isn't it? XD I already see Spain 3 times XD but this time is special, my first travel abroud not still underage and with a lot of groups of wonderful gals to meet *_* I'm exploding of happiness). Ok, Stop seriously, Byeeeeee.

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  1. you came to spain? to madrid, barcelona... where exactly?

  2. llego en barcelona, fue en madrid 2 anos atras, esta vez llego en barcelona, otros 2 anos y regreso en madrid XD